The Chaos is Proof That we Are Winning At The Family Blender

Everything is weird when SigO is out of town....more
only_mama that's a great story! Time for copious amounts of ice cream and a favorite movie for ...more

Confession: I’d rather watch The Flintstones than THAT movie. I think.

I hope you’ve had a good week because over here at Moxie-Dude central it’s been tough. It all started when I woke-up Sunday morning and realized that flu germs had moved in and taken possession of all my senses. On top of the symptoms that come with being sick, I’ve been wired from all the cold medicine I’ve been taking. Combined, the cold and the medicine have given me a super-human ability to see noises. (I’m pretty sure that the concept of super-heroes came about one day when a sick person was sitting around in their housecoat trying not to O.D....more

So THIS Is How To Protect Yourself During A Home Invasion

It was close to midnight when she thought she heard a noise.  Thinking it was just the wind, Vicky fell into a restful sleep.  When she woke up at three in the morning, she noticed that not only was her bedroom door open, but there were lights on in the house.  Wakening her husband, together they cautiously took a look around the house and then called the police....more

Let's Talk about Socks

 I love socks. I grew up in Idaho where the winters require boots and a collection of thick, colorful socks, enough to fill an entire dresser drawer. Also, my pitiful feet resemble hooves fringed with bald sausages, and they practically scream to be covered. I wore socks during childbirth because my feet were uglier than all the mess associated with labor and delivery....more

Back to Blogging – Watch out World Here I Come

Honestly I used to Blog.  I used to love Blogging, and then… Well I got a full time job and convinced myself I didn’t have the time anymore.  Which is funny really, because I still seemed to have the time to loll around in my chair, read books, contemplate my navel and watch Period Drama’s on the TV.Indeed Himself declared only the other day that he was much perplexed that I no longer pursued the art of blogging which was surely the duty of an accomplished wife. (see? too many Period Drama’s)...more
\U0001f603 Enjoyed very much.....more

The Sarcastic Ga'ls Guide to a Perfect Holiday: Take the Pledge!

I’m tired, neah, exhausted.  You see, I,  like many of you, have just come off a 5 day (excluding prep time) one woman show.  It happens every year, I became the sole proprietor of a full service Bed and Breakfast, otherwise known as Thanksgiving.   ...more

A Humorous Look On How To Escape Reality

Spa Day.  A Day At The Spa.  Don't you love the way that sounds?  A few months ago I house, dog, cat and sheep sat (try to say that fast) for my daughter Rochelle and her family.  As a thank you, she gifted me with a day at the spa.  In that post, Can a Day at the Spa Remove the Smell of Sheep?   I shared this out-of-the-ordinary spa.  It is the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara, 25,000 squ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Don't Fart during an MRI

I share this true but pathetic story to commiserate with other tortured souls who relentlessly endure and survive extreme humiliation. We’re a group of accident-prone fools who regularly trigger embarrassing situations that would permanently traumatize a normal person. My experience this week will be difficult to surpass: I farted inside an MRI machine....more

Midlife Cabernet: Cruising the Slow Lane

Studley and I escaped for a few days and drove to the resort town of McCall, Idaho. While driving on the narrow, winding mountain road, we anticipated summer traffic and took our place in line behind campers, a tour bus, logging trucks, and pickup trucks pulling recreational vehicles and/or boats and commercial rafts. We were among the crowds wanting to get away from the crowds....more

How To Handle The Little (Big) Things

Stress Management. How many articles and books have been written on this subject?  How many medications are taken daily in hopes of managing the stress we experience? What coping mechanisms can we practice? to copeAs a health coach, I regularly see people suffering from various health issues as a result of being under too much stress.  Since Battered Hope has been released, one of the questions I get most often is, "How did you endure all the trauma?"  After 42 years of marriage and surviving often insurmountable circumstances, (including being arrested) my response is almost always the same, "I learned how to laugh!"...more