LifeQuote Supports MassMutuals Kid's Life Insurance Social Media Campaign

The “Why Life Insurance?” consumer awareness program that was recently launched by Massachusetts Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), is having an impact. Their Facebook page has sparked more than 22,000 people to "Like" it. The innovative and creative combo of entertaining videos, interactive tools and informative content hosted solely on a social platform is incredibly unique in an industry that is relatively staid and conservative. Here is one of the videos....more

Invest Your Cigarette Money On Life Insurance This Great American Smoke-Out

Our country is celebrating the 36th annual Great American Smokeout today, Nov. 17, so it might be a perfect day for you to kick the habit and put that cigarette money into your family's future instead. Doing it for the sake of your health is a good enough reason but if you need another incentive let's figure out how much of your money is going up in smoke because of this nasty habit....more

Spin The Life Insurance Wheel of Fortune: A Sure Bet

Spinning the wheel on the mega-popular TV show Wheel of Fortune is never a sure bet. Viewers hold their collective breath each night as contestants take chance after chance spinning that fickle wheel....more

How to Talk About Life Insurance With Your Family

Sometimes it’s easier not to talk about certain things even though you know you should.  Having conversations with loved ones about the future and what would happen to them if you should die is not easy to think about and even harder to discuss but it’s really important… so, Let’s Talk……it’s not as hard as you think....more

LifeQuote Awareness Campaign Helps Families Learn the Importance of Life Insurance

As proud supporters of Life Insurance Awareness Month 2011 (LIAM), LifeQuote took a proactive approach and kicked off its own educational video campaign to help people understand the importance of having life insurance coverage. As a market leader in the online life insurance quoting business, we believe that an educated insurance consumer makes the best client....more

Rich People Don’t Need Life Insurance?!

Really? Who says rich people don’t need life insurance? Would it surprise you to know that wealthy people are some of the biggest buyers of life insurance in America. Would it shock you to know that they even borrow money to buy huge amounts of life insurance for tax reasons? Maybe they know something that the average person doesn’t....more

U.S. Lawmakers Push Support of Life Insurance Awareness Month

The United States Senate made a big push to protect Americans with life insurance coverage by calling for an unprecedented Senate resolution in support of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) is reporting that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) along with Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) have agreed to introduce a Senate Resolution to bring attention to the annual LIAM celebration and are likely to do so next week. The resolution reads:...more

Dispelling the "Dirty Dozen" Myths About Life Insurance

Let’s face it…life insurance can be scary and daunting for many people.  Who wants to think about death and dying.. or what tomorrow’s uncertain future will bring? Well, guess what… you can’t run away from reality… get out of denial and start facing facts.Denial is why the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE), found that 40% of adults in the U.S. have no life insurance....more

Life is Fragile: Protect What You Have

We believe we are doing our best to protect what we value most in our lives.. family first, then our homes, our jobs, and our income.  But how secure are they really? How sure are you that you have done everything to safeguard your life’s most precious possessions?Recent global events– from natural disasters to the Middle East violence– can make us realize just how fragile life really is. Catastrophic events make us feel mortal, providing a stark glimpse into an uncertain future.  So protecting what we have now is the best we can do....more

Are Valentine’s Day Flowers the Best Show of Love?

The nationwide countdown is on for florists.  They are preparing for Valentine’s Day— a day when lovers are tasked with proving their love. It will mean a spending spree of red roses by spouses and significant others competing to showcase their amorous feelings. Women from coast-to-coast will hope to be the first ones in their office to receive that coveted bouquet of flowers, kicking off a non-verbal sparring among female co-workers.  And it seems that the floral gift might help the sender get lucky in the bedroom....more
Valentine day of the lover to express your feelings from your beloved ones & inform how ...more