Planning for THEM

A good friend once said something a few years ago that drastically changed the way that I view finances. He said that the true sign of financial maturity is when your attention shifts to providing for generations after you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the finances available to start funds for your ancestors, but that your mindset changes from “planning for me” to “planning for them.”   We live in a society that has seemingly abandoned the practice of exercising financial integrity, much less passing it on to the next generation....more

Life Insurance as ‘Mortgage Protection’ insurance--a 'so-so' way and a much better way to do this.

Life insurance is life insurance, right? Many times yes, but with the right type of life insurance your mortgage will be protected in a way that affords your survivors more options. Have you gotten a mortgage or refinanced a loan lately? About 20 minutes after the close, you started getting things in the mail offering crucial, vital protection that was absolutely essential to your existence and the existence of your family as well the continuation of liberty and freedom in America. Geez, when you put it that way........ ...more