On Boldness

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10 Lessons in Happiness (For Your Kids)

I had an epiphany the other day. It was a terrifying moment of clarity that made my palms sweat and my heart race. Suddenly one of my long-term goals as a parent didn't seem so, well, long-term. One day, my kids are going to be adults. Crap. I have to raise real, functional adults? People who pay bills? People who interact with other human beings (and don’t suck at it)? People who are happy? How do you teach that? I admit. I panicked. And then I went to the internet. ...more
extrememom Thanks! I know some adults, too, who could use this advice...more

Kindness from Strangers: What I Learned at the Dentist

Ouch. I really hate when I screw up. I missed Sunday and Monday to post on my blog – I got busy living in reality. Add that to the list of my personal imperfections....more

Nothing I Learned In Kindergarten Has Done Me A Bit Of Good

I remember my mother abandoning me to the tender mercies of the kindergarten teacher when I was six years old. She promised she'd stay and watch through that little window in the door, and she did for a little while. Then, she disappeared and I had to learn my ABCs. This was before Sesame Street so the banner marching across the top of the blackboard was my first official glimpse of the letters. Supposedly, everything we need to know we learned there, but I know my parents have to share some of the blame....more
You were so much more street-wise than I was at that age. I wouldn't be that smart for another ...more

Master Peachy ~ Wise Dog of God

My little Peachy doesn't just add an immeasurable amount of love and healing into my life and into the world (being the Light Warrior that she is), she also has a lot to teach me if I pay attention....more

Things I Could Teach My Son but That He'd Be Better Off Learning from His Dad

Moms struggle with their full mommy plates. We struggle with how much we do (getting kids dressed, combed, fed, clean-toothed, packing lunches, putting shoes on the correct foot - ours and our kids', telling the kids to not bite each other, and going to work) and then take on even more (taking on projects, buying presents for birthday parties, making doctor appointments, rescheduling doctor appointments, cleaning up, making dinner, working out, finding time to have a glass of wine and chat with our husbands... and friends......more

31 Things I've Learned at 31

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.  31 was actually a great year for me, and I got to thinking about all the things I've learned about myself and others in the past 365 days.   Ladies & Gents, I bring you: 31 Things I've Learned at 31.---------------------------------------------------------------------...more