8 Life Lessons I Learned as a Waitress

Waiting tables was a big part of my life in college. I started my first serving job when I was 19 at an Irish Pub in town. I had bartended, but had never waited tables before. And I spent the next three years at that job. It was both the best and most stressful job I had ever had. The people I worked with became some of my favorite people, and I spent more time with them each week than my college friends....more

10 Life Lessons I Learned from Quitting My Job

Last week was the one year anniversary of me quitting my job. I wouldn't have noticed the date if it weren't for a recent conversation with a fellow mom regarding working after motherhood. And I noticed that it has already been a year since I quit! I have been bloody busy and I've hardly had any time these last few months to take notice of the distance between me and my ex-job....more
Jenee D J-MOM Thank you. My father-in-law said I need to refresh, too before I get back.more

4 Life Lessons I Learnt While Snorkelling At Andaman Islands

Deep waters scared me to death, even of a swimming pool. When we holidayed at beaches, I would venture out in the sea but till a distance where water was only waist-deep and I could feel the earth beneath my feet. I was content combing the beach for shells and pebbles....more

7 Life Lessons I Learned in Preschool

Life is complicated.  And it gets harder the older we get.  So many rules, rituals, contingencies, and responsibilities – it’s hard to keep up!  And yet, here in mid-life, it is finally hitting me that everything I really needed to know I learned back in preschool.  Everything else is just fluff; the foundational themes I should really be paying attention to are what were instilled all those years ago....more

The Friday Facepalm. Participation Trophies & The Universal Smack Down

Kids getting rewarded for participation has recently been in the news. James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers noted on social media that he was returning his sons’ participation trophies to where they came from. He wrote,...more

The US Won and I'm Bummed (A Life Reflection)

I’ve had a soccer ball at my feet since I was four-years-old. Suffice it to say I am an avid fan and could not wait to watch the Women’s World Cup final tonight. What I didn’t expect was to be struck with an overwhelming feeling of melancholy in the moments that I wasn’t on the edge of my seat....more

20 Things That Parenting a Child With Special Needs Has Taught Me About Life In General

I am married, have two children, and I’m still growing. Each day provides opportunities for education about my inner self, about relationships, and about life. Many of these lessons were learned when my youngest son, who has autism, was very little....more

Tech Suits Rip, Goggles Break: A Life Lesson From My Daughter

“I'll get the next one.” This sentence is a quote from a paragraph my daughter wrote last weekend on an Instagram post. Just typing it caused my eyes to fill with tears, as it summarizes who my daughter is - and how we should all strive to live life....more

20 Reasons You're a Twenty-Something Who Gets It

1. You’re not forcing it. Not that friendship that drains all of your energy, not that gluten free fad everyone seems to be buying into, and certainly not the if-you’re-not-married-by-thirty-you’ll-die-alone slippery slope.2. You trust your story. Your past gives you an edge, and you rather like it. The good, the bad, and the terrible: those experiences have all been instrumental in creating the person you are today....more

On Boldness

*This post is Day Twelve of the January Nablopomo 30-day blogging challenge hosted by BlogHer....more