Anxious and mortified

At the age of nineteen Rachel almost failed her college admission. She was anxious and mortified of what people would think of her, she couldn't fail at anything, so she passed, barely, and therefore didn't have to worry about opinions and commentary, and life went on, as usual....more

I Hate You Divorce!

Really, I do. I met divorce at 16 when I thought it really could not affect me…clearly, I was wrong!!!!After 21 years (and a few months) of marriage, my parents threw in the towel, burned their vows, decided that the fight for their love was over, and filed for divorce.R.I.P. To My Normal....more

Life Lessons of A Nurse

Considering the amount of time I am anticipating being in the work force, I have only been in my career a very short time. However, in these 4 short years of nursing, I have learned many things. ...more

Lessons from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Life lessons can be found in the weirdest of activities. This is the case of the ice bucket challenge that has gone viral this summer. For those of you still in the dark, the challenge requires the nominated participants to pour a bucket of ice or oce water on their head within a 24 hours period after the nomination. If not accepted, then the nominee pledges to make a donation of 100.00 to a charity. Pretty cold, I mean, cool, right? ...more

Lesson Learned Today - Peach Upside Down Cake

Everyday I learn something new.  Some times it is a good lesson; some times not.Today I learned, yet again, a good life lesson.  Never stray from the recipe.  At least I should never stray from the recipe.Many years ago, early into my marriage I tried my best to be a good, creative cook.  It was not good; creative, but not good.  My cooking was not even close to good.  ...more

7 writing (and life) lessons I learned from playing Civilization V

I’m not exactly what you would call a gamer, but God of War taught me some time ago that I am far from immune to gaming’s addictive charm. Since that heady period of 3am bedtimes and caffeine-infused mornings, I’ve stumbled upon a strategy game called Civilization V…and there’s no turning back....more

Lessons From The Grave

BOOM BOOM GIRL  The other day I was driving along the bayou with a friend.driving-driving-drivinggab-gab-gabThe weather was fine.The livin' was easy.My travel companion mentioned, in passing, that the 1950's Hollywood starlet/bombshell/hot mess Jane Mansfield, had died 'just over there'....more

The epiphany.

She raised three children on her own.  A single mom years before the term was defined. My Uncle, my Aunt and my MomWere all raised by the Mother of all Mothers.   Her husband was an alcoholic....more

What Running Has Taught Me ~ Success and The Jingle Bell Run 2013

Long overdue, but finally: The Jingle Bell Run 2013.ANDWhat Running Has Taught Me ~ Finding Success in Every Effort The Jingle Bell Run 2013....more