Things They Don't Tell You About Parenting: Part 2

A couple of days ago I posted ...more

so true! i agree 100%. toddlers are fun yet challenging. honest and loving. unpredictable yet ...more

HOT! A Lesson on Life from Cooking with my Little Girl.

The other day my youngest daughter pulled up a chair to help me cook beans and rice.  I have to let her chop the onions and garlic with a butter knife and help me pick herbs from the garden.  We have fun!  All in all I am pleased that she wants to cook.  She even recently made a raw kale and strawberry salad for her brother.  ...more

The Importance of Being a Stranger

I like being useful.  I like having something to offer the people I meet, and I like to be a good friend.  When I moved to Germany, I wasn't any of these things.  I literally didn't even know how to count past three in Deutsch.  I didn't have resources to share, and I was rather vulnerable and needy.  I couldn't drive there, I didn't know what was going on, and my husband started work 13 hours after we arrived....more

I Have The Biggest Boobs in The Whole World (according to Cole)

O.K. I’m sure that if you know me right now you must be scratching your head in wonder. If you do not know me then I must appear to be bragging. Either way please allow me to explain. My nine year old son Cole teaches me lessons about life almost on a daily basis. He has an amazing mix of the boy that is never in clean clothes because it’s much more fun to be dirty, everything can be made into a gun, no idea what fear is and a very enduring sensitive side that can tune into any ones hurt and try to make it better....more

Freefalling: on motherhood, losing it all, and the legacy you leave behind

Whenever I travel, I have my routine. Preprint boarding pass. Get through security. If it’s a morning flight, a stop at Starbucks for an oatmeal and a grande skim latte. If it’s afternoon, off to feast on one of my favorite, airport-only guilty pleasures: a freshly baked aunt annie’s pretzel dog served piping hot with a side of yellow mustard. Next up, the newsstand for a gossip mag and a jumbo bottle of fiji water. Neatly pack my suitcase on the way in. Throw it all back in on the rush to get home....more

Just in Time or Corrie ten Boom, Lesson #3

From the time she was a little girl, Corrie ten Boom’s godly parents and loving, happy family influenced the woman she would become....more

Being non-judgmental: A lesson not just for our children

As a mother of two boys, I strive to model the way that I would want them to act.  Am I perfect?...more

Week 16-Lesson 16: Time Takes Care of Everything

What's your biggest obstacle right now? Bills, too much work, an argument with a friend, family member or co-worker, what to cook for dinner? Big or small, there always seems to be a crisis of some sort. At least that's the way it appears. Have you ever noticed that whatever you were obsessing over last year at this time isn't even on the radar now? Can you even remember what the crisis of the day was last year? Sure, the very BIG crises--divorce, disease, a death in the family--are not forgotten easily. We still feel pain from these, but the weight is not as heavy as it once was....more

Week 15-Lesson 15: Let Go of Your Ego

If someone approaches you with boxing gloves, do you take the first punch? If not, do you put up a defense or duck to protect yourself from the blow heading right towards you? If the ego is attacked or threatened, it will always fight back. But you are not the ego, so why do you fight so hard to protect something which only exists in your mind.Recently, I've felt a lot of challenges concerning the ego. What I've realized is this: I'm not completely free from the ego because I still use words like "I," "mine," and "me."But don't we all?...more

25 Lessons Learned in 25 Years

To celebrate my birthday, I have come up with 25 life lessons I’ve learned throughout my 25 years on earth. I've seen others do this, but I wanted to come up with my own. As I celebrate growing older, I reflect back on my life thus far and try to gleam some understanding to God’s plan. So far, this is what I’ve learned. ...more