You Can Teach Yourself Anything with YouTube

A month ago, my son told me that he learned how to fix his built-in oven by watching a YouTube video.  I knew WordPress had great tutorial videos, and I embed YouTube videos in loads of my posts, but I never thought of using it for fixing cars, or ovens, or window shades.  Well, I do have  broken window shade.  So hey, why not? ...more
@Kpvega My grandkids showed me "old people dance gangnam style."  Beware of the "old people ...more

Stop Tasting The Snake Oil


How Did I Have It So Wrong?

Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes when you think you have it all figured out, you quickly find out that you were way off base and had it totally wrong all along....more

Slip On By

My little sister sent me a link to a song the other day. While normally I might put the song aside and carry on with the busyness of my day, I decided to stop and listen and see what the fuss was all about.As I sat and listened, a tear floated down my cheek and before I knew it I was sobbing. Listening to each captivating word, grasping its meaning and realizing that it was speaking to me...and to so many others out there....more

The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey

My family is a little bit difficult to please. I’ve talked about it in no particular detail at earlier points. If you cook a meal, they’ll be looking for the bread you forgot. If you made pasta, they’d miss the meatballs. If you remembered the meatballs, they’d miss the sausage. And so on and so forth. It’s not that they’re ungrateful, they’re just…thorough.Over the course of my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to forecast these ‘needs’ and prepare for them in advance, so as to avoid unnecessary lectures, extra trips to the store, and/or belabored sighs....more

Advice from My 62 Year Old Self: 12 Key Lessons

I always love "advice to my younger self" type posts. Simply because if we are purposeful about it, we do become wise women as we continue to experience life. There are always some time-tested lessons (like - I should've listened to my mother!) and new epiphanies that only the living can bring. Here is a great post from Adela of The Black Tortoise on what her 62 year old self would say to her younger self. ...more

What Did College Really Teach Me?

When you're in high school you can't wait for college. Once on campus, you yearn for graduation. It's always about preparing for that "next step". What happens once you graduate to "real life". Then what? Lady Unemployed looks back and ahead in this reflective post that ponders - why wasn't I told more about the "how" of pursuing my dreams? ...more
What college taught me: how to snort cocaine. Alas, true story.more

Life Lessons of an OCD Mom

Big Love.

She comes into the living room, galloping clumsily, her little pink Converse shoes slapping against the floor. "Hey Mom! I want to wear my feetie-feetie pajamas!" Trying to clean up the last of dinner, I barely glance up at her, tell her to go pick out any pajamas she wants.  The house is a mess, homework isn't done, and we are running about ten minutes late on bath time. It's just she and I; her brother and Daddy gone on a quick adventure to "the big hill" to alleviate some of his anxiety. ...more

The Buttons

The Buttons...more