20 Lessons I learned from my Dog

Dan and I often marvel at how good our dog, Molly’s, life is. She gets to visit with her “friends” in the dog park every day and twice a day on the weekends. She gets fed very well, if not, too well and she is spoiled something fierce. We are loony about this dog, we really do know that, but we just can’t help ourselves....more

Reflections on Charlotte (Or What I Learned About Life From My Therapist's Death)

Until a year ago, Charlotte was my therapist. I use the word “my” loosely, as I hadn't had a session with her for close to four years. But she was the person I sobbingly met with when I was 18 years old and in the throes of depression, and with whom I built a relationship—fluidly moving in and out of contact—over the following decade. ...more

What I Know Now

This gray hair has got to count for something.Unlike some people who took the express train to premature grayness, I took my time, but now it’s on board and passengers are being added almost  daily. So if I have to wear the badge I had better have something to ‘know’ for it.What do I know?That it’s taking decidedly more work to stave off the middle age spread that is attempting to show up before I reach middle age.That some friends actually treat you better than family, and that some relatives were definitely grafted onto the family tree....more

The KitKat Story

When you’re five-feet tall (just barely) and carrying a 9-pound baby in your belly toward the end of your pregnancy, it must be quite a sight to see. When you’re also pushing the very limits of a blue flowered maternity dress with a white peter pan collar under your big black vintage coat as you make your way from work to home, it must be almost too much to believe....more
My daughter had to suddenly ask me what was wrong as I read this. I went from being intrigued by ...more

See what happens when you are nice to people

 At Walmart with my son last week picking up the rest of his party stuff as he is bouncing everywhere and using his VERY good imagination as he “shoots zombies” and hides behind my cart and others carts (oh yes we are those people that others frown upon in stores for my kid being just that… a kid)...more
Aw. It was very nice of him to help her.more

Words of Advice for (from) my inner child.

Recently I seem to be reading more and more articles about wisdom people wish they had as a child, teenager or younger adult.I get it, I do. But I also think 'I'm not dead yet' and 'it is never too late to learn'. With this is mind, here are some lessons I would like my 'inner child' to learn. ...more

The Paper Life Lesson

I don’t have a lot of sage advice to impart on my children. I did not grow up with a parent that shared one-liners of inspiration. I did hear “It’s far from your heart” about a million times as the standard go to response to any injury that was suffered. It did make me stronger and realize complaining would get me no where. Now when I get hurt I instantly think of this phrase, and I say this phrase to my kids when they get hurt....more

You Can Teach Yourself Anything with YouTube

A month ago, my son told me that he learned how to fix his built-in oven by watching a YouTube video.  I knew WordPress had great tutorial videos, and I embed YouTube videos in loads of my posts, but I never thought of using it for fixing cars, or ovens, or window shades.  Well, I do have  broken window shade.  So hey, why not? ...more
@Kpvega My grandkids showed me "old people dance gangnam style."  Beware of the "old people ...more

How Did I Have It So Wrong?

Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes when you think you have it all figured out, you quickly find out that you were way off base and had it totally wrong all along....more