The First Day of December. Outside With The Dogs.

December 1st:

Baby The Rain Must Fall! A True Test For Dog Lovers.

November 30th:

Getting an Early Start on The New Year

November 29th post:

Walking with Coffee

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     Back...more

Working The Early Shift

November 22nd:

We Walked All Three Dogs. And What I Learned.

November 21st: ...more

Build a Bridge to Paradise

November 16th - second blog post: ...more

Lego Tears

As I toiled in the laundry room chained to the dryer attempting to match the pile of socks that were growing by the minute. My littlest came running down the stairs in tears. His heart once again broken someone had smashed his newest Lego creation to pieces. I held him tight and told him it would be okay. It is with that I stopped what I was doing held his hand and we walked up the stairs to pick up the crumbling pieces on the floor. I looked at him with a smile, "Lets try to rebuild it!" He gave me a sad look, "I can't! It took me hours!"" "Well! What was it that you made?" ...more
@Reda I'm glad you found peace and the path that was best for you. Sometimes we don't always ...more

Another Day Opens in Paradise ...

Nov 3rd blog post"  ...more

How Far Is Too Far When A Teacher Shares Personal Information With Their Students?

"Hey babe, how was school?" "My teacher is a lesbian!" "Excuse me?" "She told us today in class. ...more
It sounds like the female teacher came in and may have said something like, "I'd like to clear ...more