The Nest Empties

The kids are gone. The house is empty. Their rooms are neat and tidy. “Face your fears.” How many times have we heard that truism? We even say it to ourselves. Who knew that an empty nest would be lined with fears?...more
Hi. I just joined Innovative Online Book Tours and thought I would come around and say hello to ...more

Disguises I've Worn...

Instead of moving more stuff up from my old janky apartment into my more spacey apartment up here on the second floor I’m going to semi-force myself to make yet another blog post in the efforts of getting “writing” back into my daily process.  It’s like almost comparable to anti-depressants/SSRIs!  I stopped taking my anxiety medicine like about a month and a half ago and slowly my nerves have been trying to throw my ass off the deep end again.  I won’t have it though!  I refuse....more

SAHM Project - Entry Two

It is day two of the SAHM Project, and today is fine example of why I am so desperate to leave this place! Cut-throat. Pirates. Betrayers. Back stabbers. All of these things perfectly describe my co-workers and the organization I work in. ...more