Acting On Impulse

I just realized I am very vanilla and super cautious.  OK, OK, I didn't just realize it, but the thought actually stung a little.  Have I ever done anything on impulse?  Have I ever just jumped in with both feet without thinking?  Spontaneity?  Recklessness?   Hmmmm. No not really.   Don't get me wrong I have acted silly on occasion but now without a certain safety in knowing I wasn't making a complete fool of myself alone OR that my dignity would still be in tact when I was done....more

Choosing a Legal Guardian

I get regular emails from the 'Parents' Magazine website, and today their topic was choosing legal guardians.  I was intrigued, since my husband and I put a lot of thought and prayer into choosing legal guardians for our daughter and was interested to see if the article reflected the same considerations we had.Unfortunately this particular article seemed to be more about informing the person already chosen of the guardianship and what comes along with it, which was disappointing....more
I'm only considering parenthood, but this scares me. I'm single, most of my friends are, too, ...more

I've Got a Plan! Maybe!?

    Life planning! Does it really work? Or do we just fall into the cards and hope for the best? I'm still waiting for the thunder gods to strike.

4 Steps to Finding and Following Your Passion

There is so much talk about discovering your passion, following your bliss and living a life that you love. Hearing messages like these over and over, we can't help but to take a look at our own lives and to perhaps find them lacking. We wonder how we can live a life of purpose and meaning, how we can follow our bliss. Then we begin to wonder. What is my bliss? Do I have a passion? Did I ever? ...more

Thinking About Going Back To College?

Going back to college.  Is it a question or a statement in your life?  Just about every woman I know has either considered it or actually enrolled.  Some of my friends participate in degree programs and others participate in "continuing education" classes and seminars at our local community colleges and universities.In Janene White's paper, Adult Women in Community Colleges, she writes about the increase of adult women enrollment in community colleges.  In it she cites m ...more

I Worry About Old People

Well, it may not be politically correct but I am trying to get your attention. I worry about old people. A lot. I worry about lonely old people. I worry about depressed old people. I worry about sick old people. I worry about neglected old people. I worry that we are not collectively worried more about old people. ...more

I am very sorry for your recent loss. Caring for and grieving the loss of our parents is an ...more