Letting Go

When I sent Jason the text saying, “Go out and live your life. I want you to be happy, even if it’s not with us. Go date and fall in love and have a great life. I relieve you of all responsibility and obligation with the baby. We will be fine. Take care,” that was my way of letting go…of giving myself permission to let go....more

Print poster at home

I found this free program online, the system is very simple:- One image, multiple pieces on your own printer. This small budget, high style printing tool from PosteRazor, a free downloadable program that dissect raster images into pieces that can be printed out on your home printer and then reassembles for an awesome display....more
Very, very cool.more


I was born and raised in northern California. I followed my heart to Germany in July 2008, got married in October 2008, and I have been here ever since. Upon marriage, I became a stepmother to two teenage boys, and the next year, a mother to a furry friend, our Black Labrador Sami. Life has it's ups and downs here, much like any other place in the world. And we just found out July 5, 2011 that we are expecting our first child in February 2012....more