Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Those aren’t words…I know.  I made them up.  But, I’ve found myself saying them a lot lately.  What I’ve come to realize is that it simply doesn’t matter what you shoulda, woulda, coulda done…it matters what you do NOW....more

Ridding my life of guilt and regret

I wish I could be one of those people who lives life without any regrets, who makes decisions in a carefree manner and never looks back. I know several people who live life this way (or at least claim to) and I envy that they are able to do this. But I’m most definitely not one of those people....more

The Fabric of Our Lives

There are two beliefs that flow like an undercurrent beneath all the stratified layers of anxiety in my life....more
 @victorias_view  Yes!!! Yes!!!more

Living With Regret

My mother and I were supposed to go out for lunch, hang out, enjoy a day together touring the usual stores. I arrived early enough to get us a few hours of time together before her hair appointment. What transpired next was unexpected....more

What can be more essential than giving?

Christina at the Northern Cheapskate blog recently wrote about needing a new toaster cover. The old one doesn’t owe her a thing because it’s more than a decade old, a “well-intentioned gift” from her mother that initially left Christina embarrassed. It was an old person’s item. Women in their early 20s didn’t use toaster covers....more

Regret Not Having Kids

Why do you feel a pang of regret for those children you never had, that you always said you never wanted?...more

When Your Friend's Death Wish Is Granted

It came as no surprise to hear that my friend of 40 years had terminal cancer. It was just the type of cancer that was the surprise. After spending over 40 years smoking two, sometimes three or four packs a day, imbibing scotch, smoking weed, and flirting with cocaine, the surprise was that the diagnosis was leukemia, not lung cancer. ...more