Melissa Ford's New Book + More!

Melissa Ford's new book, Measure of Love, the follow up to the bestselling Life from Scratch, has been released. You can pick up a copy wherever books are sold including online sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She's giving away the chance to be a character in her next book, Apart at the Seams, coming out in 2014. Click over for contest details. ...more

Pioneer Woman, Stirrup Queens, and Orangette: Bloggers Release Romance Books

The weather outside is frightful. And cold. All I want to do is huddle down in blankets and take bubble baths (yes, I read in the bathtub). My favorite type of book to read on a cold, blustery day is romance. They are a little bit of heat, a little bit of fantasy and they melt the winter blues away. My favorite source for finding books has been other bloggers but now bloggers themselves are tipping the tables. Bloggers are bringing romance to a bookshelf near you. ...more

I adored Melissa's book. So much. And now I'm almost done with The Pioneer Woman's love story ...more

Life From Scratch: A New Novel From Contributing Editor Melissa Ford

When I found out last spring that Contributing Editor Melissa Ford was publishing a novel, I maybe squealed a little. A few months ago I got an advanced copy of Life From Scratch from her publisher, and I maybe squealed again when I saw it in my mailbox. Holding a book someone you know wrote in your hands is a true joy in a reader's life. ...more

First and foremost, thank you to Sassymonkey for this interview.

But also to everyone reading ...more