Call It a Brag Sheet

Years and years ago, I learned a trick that I keep in my back pocket. I pull it out to use when I have weeks that feel more like months. The wise dispenser of this universal knowledge was my then therapist--she would listen to me with her chin resting on the heels of both her hands, while she leaned in, like she was trying to hear the words I didn't say that were hidden between the ones that I did. I sat in her office, lulled by trust into feeling it was her living room, and I would tell her about my life....more
Good job!more

14 life skills for my daughters

Being a parent is daunting....more

Balancing my Crazy, Creative Life

       I'm that person, 50 something....that quit her professional life to be a stay at home mom. I was a journalist turned newpaper editor and I really enjoyed my work. That said, my kids were one and two years old, and learning things in day care, I just didn't enjoy all that much. Little biting, little spitting, and a few not so nice words.  ...more

5 Important (but Random) Lessons Teens Need to Know

You thought you had a lot of lessons to teach your toddler? Well, I hate to break it to you, but potty training and spoon feeding are only messy in the literal terms when it comes to the lessons you will have to teach your teens and tweens. Most of our kids' friends are pretty smart and self-sufficient, but every now and then we'll talk about something and they have no idea how they would solve the issue. ...more
jaycee OMG yes!! I'm amazed at how many of my friends kids have NO clue how to do the most basic ...more

Parenting: Alzheimer’s And My Children “I Don’t Want Granny To Die”

When my seven year old son looks at me with  pockets of tears welling in his blue eyes and whispers in a broken voice as he tries to keep himself from crying uncontrollably “Mummy I don’t w...more

Kitchen Independence on the 4th of July: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA Cook simply, eat simply, and enjoy yourself with the best of friends and family. A Happy 4th call out to all! J&J ...more

Helping Kids Pack Their Own Lunches

This article on having kids pack their own lunches is filed under the “Tween and Teen” category, but in my house having kids pack their own school lunches started day one....more

A Thought on Happiness

This past year or two I've been thinking a lot about religion and spirituality. Matter of fact, lately I've been dreaming of listening in on a theoretic "end of the world" forum-of-world-thought. Well, I kind of just made that name up. But you get the idea. I want to sit down and listen to everyone who has a vision of all this massive change taking place worldwide and simply hear dialogue. It's the English major in me. I want all the colorful characters, the momentous stories. I want to line them all up, analyzing the similarities, looking for divergences....more

Unicorns, Butterflies and Daffodils

Spring has sprung. The air is warmer. The grass is green again. The birds are chirping. You can hear the crickets and the frogs at night. You can smell the fresh flowers and the trees as they bloom. The ancient Greeks celebrated spring as the return of Persephone to the world of her mother Demeter. For as Persephone lived for six months out of every year in the underworld with Hades, Demeter in her despair left the Earth fallow and without any growth, warmth or nurture....more

Bullying: Protecting Your Child

One of the issues that curtail and greatly interefere with your child's education is bullying. It has got to be the most debilitating thing watching you child be bullied. However, the reality is that there are things that can be done.   ...more

Sorry the above link to the Office of Civil Rights is broken. Until I can get it fixed here ...more