Life With 3 Under 5

When you have 2 kids under 5, life still looks somewhat “normal”. The house still looks somewhat tidy, the laundry still manages to get somewhat done. But 3 kids? You might as well start waving your white flag now.When you have 3 small children, there are some things that you just have to come to terms with:...more

The "Super-Center" Time Warp

These days I do my grocery shopping in the morning.  The days of waiting for my husband to get home in order to have the luxury of food shopping alone is rare these days.  I am DONE by the time he gets home and it is a miracle I get something semi-edible (it is debatable) on the table every night.  The thought of going BACK out, well, it makes me want to be shot.  With Cinderella in school, taking one child to the grocery store doesn't seem as daunting.  And it isn't.  One child is a cake walk....more