Herstory and Your Story

I love a good rags to riches story not in terms of financial riches but the bigger picture riches of a life well lived filled with things that mattered most to the storyteller.  My favorite stories are from women and lately I’ve happened upon some pretty amazing ones.  I’ve begun to wonder if there are more stories out there or if I’m just looking for inspiration from womankind.  Either way, I’m profoundly grateful for Her Story and the writers that share their most intimate moments. ...more

On No! You're Over 40 and Single! Now what?!?

First: Don't Panic Second: You're Not Alone.... Believe it or not, being over 40 and single isn't such a rare thing anymore. According to a recent survey conducted by AARP Services and Focalyist, only one in four over 40 folks is married w/children...Which leaves a goodly portion of us--about 1/3 according to the survey--as single (and probably w/out children.) ...more
I just found this post right when I needed it! I laughed (and cried a little, lol) out loud when ...more