Helpless, Not Hopeless

The struggles of life can get pretty overwhelming at times.  Friends battling illnesses and cancerLoved ones who are out of town dealing with a hospitalized parentAn exhausted new mom, with no spouse (and a baby herself), trying to care for her little oneA dear friend struggling to stay afloat in her marriage, in her finances, in her life...more

Lazy Days of Summer

Summer time and the living is easy…….I remember as a child growing up in the countryside near a small town, and my dog Red and I would run across the road to a creek. We would follow the woodsy trails, and I would love laughing at Red while watching him splash around in the water just to get the sticks I tossed. No cares, no worries, just enjoying life as it was....more

The Monkey on Our Back and Thorn in Our Side

Many years have been leading up to this very moment, and my excitement has been more than I could stand. Our large rental storage space that has been housing our valuable junk and worldly possessions for more than 13 years—far too long, and roughly fifty-thousand dollars just flushed down the toilet since—is finally empty! With space to spare, here on the new property we’ve recently moved to, we have been able to alleviate a 13-year burden, the monkey on our back and thorn in our side have been removed....more
 @Papa is a Preacher No, it is not really a bad thing, but now I have boxes I have not opened in ...more

The Predecessor of Fearlessness


Life Lesson 127: Waiting for the Light at the End of the Tunnel...

              I think that most of us are generally seeking the light at the end of the tunnel, and I don’t mean the brilliant light you picture after death when your spirit is floating towards heaven (or at least I hope that’s where I’m headed… ;-).  The ‘light’ I’m talking about is different for each one of us.  Right now for some people, their light is graduating from school, getting a job, giving birth, paying off a loan, or finally getting time off and taking a vacation.  For oth...more