my questions on the human mind!

This is not my first blog ever, but I am still not a pro at writing, I am sure as my experience and life changes daily my writing will reflect that at least I hope lol....more

Tired of Keeping the Ship Afloat and the Captain Complains!

I don't know how else to explain today.  I have everybody coming at me at work and at home.   I am in the middle of a tug of war with four hormonal teenagers and one clean freak husband.  I love both sides to death but to come up with a happy median at times is a chore in itself.  What gives?  Can I just come home one day without having everyone charging at me?  One son asks, "mom can you drive me to...?".  My answer is, "hell no, I'm tired and it's a school night.".  My eighteen year old has a mind of his own that he runs the show and will not f...more

Accepting the Role of the Underachiever

Lately there's been a lot of chatter out there about what it takes to be a "successful" blogger; and to be quite honest, I forget most of what I read as soon as I hit the "x" button. ...more

Welcome Design Junkies

Hello, welcome to Design Box. So this is my first post ... let me take some time to introduce myself....more

Life Goes On...

I’ve been quiet lately because I lost my dear mother not quite two weeks ago.  Obviously, this has been a rough time.  I’m an only child which means that whatever needs to be done is my responsibility.  My husband has been great and wonderfully supportive.  It has been important to have him to look at things with more of a clear head.  There are still many things left to tackle, but those will be done in time.  Friends have been so supportive with their thoughts, prayers and bringing dinners over for the family.  I have my good and bad moments and days...more

Just how much I hate the phrase "life just isn't fair"

I've never liked the phrase "life just isn't fair."  I've heard it used in thousands of different situations and tones throughout my life; my mother would scold that "sometimes life just isn't fair" when we talked back or demanded more that our share of snacks, attention, the couch, etc....more

How to Live a Long Life

I read the other day that some people feel like every Monday is a new year. I think that’s a good philosophy to have. There’s nothing like a fresh start. I’m so grateful my Grandmother has lived to see another decade. Since she reached the milestone of 97, it has made me think more and more about longevity. As I once heard a wise woman say about my Grandmother: “they don’t make ‘em like her (any) more.”...more

March Madness - SAHM Project - Entry Eight

The month of March. I had never found anything particularly exciting about this span of 31 days that takes up space once a year. Sure, there is St. Patrick's day, a really neat celebration, especially for those of us of Irish decent. But aside from that, March has always just been there. My view on March has changed a bit. For some reason, the month of March has been ordained as a extremely important month in my life. For the last two years, March has held the most highly anticipated and exciting events to grace my existence. ...more

My Bucket List is Fading...

 My Bucket List is fading....more

How To Stand Out In a Crowd By Being Considerate

I’ve always found that inconsiderate people stand out in a crowd, quite the same way that considerate people do. Of course, the later is a much more positive way to get noticed if you ask me. In the whirlwind, busy, stressful world we live in, I don't even think that most people realize that they are being insensitive at times. It may just be that they are trying to get through their day and aren't really being conscious of actually TRYING to be considerate. Pause for a moment to think about three things:...more