Pink's Grammy 2010 performance makes me ask: When will loving ourselves matter?

I offer this video as a nudge for the start of a month who's focus is on love. ...more

Here's where the signature comes from. It's kinda a cool/fun process...and it's ...more

My GPS Device Is A Whore

I am infamous for my potty mouth while driving - something I'm not particularly proud of and have really made an effort to clean up over the past few years.  When my daughter was ten, I took her and her best friend on a road trip from Texas to Florida. By the end of the trip they had nicknamed me Sharon Osbourne...not a compliment and I'm pretty sure the mom of the other ten-year-old was not real impressed....more

Art, beauty, inspiration, life

  I spent four months in Italy during my third semester of college, studying painting, printmaking, sculpture and baroque art history. It was was an eye opening and mind expanding experience to say the least. I grew up mostly in Arizona, where the attention to detail in architecture and quality of life, seems quick and sloppy. The time I spent in Italy was profoundly heartwarming and the people I encountered there taught me that details are the essence of a meaningful life....more

Reading Between The Lines ...

A companion guide to Lost In Translation. What I said: "It's great that you're so...passionate...about that." What I meant: "Seriously you just rambled and raved like a drunken sailor coming off a 21 day binge." What I said: "Nice!" What I meant: "I have no idea what you said, I tuned you out 10 minutes ago because I was I was about to pass out from sheer boredom." What I said: "That sucks for you!" What I meant: "Sucks to be you. Heh." ...more

Mommas Pearls

Pearl of the day: Pass down, re-purpose and pass on*We gather our strength by learning from others.*When my sister was asked to draw a picture of her family in elementary school she drew my mother in a prim and proper dress with a beautiful white pearls around her neck. ...more

How to Stick to a Schedule, when you're a BUSY Mom!!!

 Lately, I've gotten several emails about putting your babies on a schedule like Brayden is. I thought it might be best if I answered you in a post in case anyone else was interested. I'm by no means an expert - this is just what worked for us and for Brayden. All babies are different and what works for B is just what works for B.I'm a stay at home mom....more

Why Mornings Matter: How Waking Up Early Revived My Mindset

How do you start your day? We all have different methods that fit our lives best. Some start with a bang: out of bed, out the door...hustle, hustle, hustle. Others need time, coffee, and calm to ease into the routine of another 24 hours. ...more


Relationships are already challenging, let alone all of the things that come along with them. Such as when to introdcue them to your family, when to move in together, how much time you should or should not spend with eachother, when to have sex for the first time...and of course the big "L Word"... your thinking of the word love right?...more

Women and Men

  Women and Men Saturday, 9 January 2010 · ...more

Films About Darfur

“The Save Darfur Coalition” is an alliance of over 180 faith-based, advocacy and human rights organizations whose mission is to raise public awareness about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and to mobilize a unified response to the atrocities that threaten the lives of more than two million people in the Darfur region.”...more