My So-Called Life...In Inappropriate Shoes.

I have to thank a couple of my fellow bloggers for some of their recent posts. You see, these ladies have some excellent tastes in shoes and that reminded me of all of the pairs of shoes I have in my closets.For the past ten years, I have been someone's 'other'. Sometimes it was significant, and sometimes it was not....more

A Note of Encouragement: Live Life Your Way, Smile, Stand Strong, Dream Big

Just a note of encouragement today. I received a message on a social networking site recently from a person who was having a hard time pleasing those around her, while remaining happy within herself and was asking for some advice. It got me thinking that every now and again it doesn't hurt to assess your surroundings and take a look at just where exactly life is taking you. Are you living it for others or are you living it to YOUR fullest potential?Some ideas to remember:...more

Inner Peace

Lady V...more

At the Midpoint: Losses on the Road to Forty

It's nearly the midpoint of my final year before turning forty.  Now, this great project has been interrupted by a strange loss.  To put it tritely, I've said good bye to a part of my person that has, in some ways, defined me, as a woman, a progenitor of life.  The first home to my children.  About four days ago, I had a hysterectomy. ...more

Changes In My Life

Last time I tried to blog here, my computer kept freezing, and after three tries, I gave it up. That was when Poet/Punk Rocker Jim Carroll died, one of my punk poet idols. Instead, I posted as Chirichica on my Postmodern Prometheus blogspot. I felt compelled to respond, to say something about Jim's passing. I Twittered comments, and blogged as my alter ego. I was sad, so very sad, that Jim Carroll died. But he lived hard for a time, and I suppose it caught up with him at sixty....more


The discourse continues to deepen regarding the differences between men and women. An interesting survey by HARBINGER, a marketing firm specializing in engaging in understanding women, demonstrates once again that while our understanding of the opposite sex is improving, the nuances continue to matter. ...more

Turn Your Passion into Prosperity

By Allison Maslan, CCH,  HHP   ...more