It Only Hurts A Little

She didn't mean for me to hear it, but I did, and I lifted my head slightly to see her face.  It was mostly sealed, unreadable, her eyes fixed upon some instrument.  Except for her mouth, which was downturned, serious.  There was nothing to follow it, to confirm for me what I thought I'd heard in her voice.  She was busy, focused, the way I am when I'm at work and the whole world outside falls away like dull, dry things in a late autumn wind.  Three little words; maybe they told me everything, maybe nothing, because I am more than a little frightened in that moment,...more

It’s Still Someone’s Dad…

ell ladies, this week has been a sad one for our family. We lost my uncle to cancer and my husband’s grandfather in a matter of days. ...more

If I Could Do it all Over Again

"This is it."

"Blue Heron Taking in the Sun" by Teresa Cornelio (c) 2009&n...more

Let's Be Honest

To Stay Or Not To Stay… For The Kids Sake

Hi Ladies, ...more

Are we there yet?

"are we there yet?" How many times have we all heard that refrain from our kids?   But this is not about the kids, well, it is, but it isn't.  You'll understand or maybe you won't.  Bear with me, this is, after all, my very first post on my very first blog. ...more

Help, I’m Totally Frazzled!

I would like today’s Blog to address a comment a friend of mine made to me the other day. It went something like this: “Erica, I have to tell you, I’m losing my patience.  I’m yelling at my kids a lot lately.  I can’t remember the last time I sat on the floor with them to do a puzzle. I’m short tempered with my husband. I’m pulled in a million different directions, and I’m completely frazzled!”...more

Potty Mouth Mommy