10 Reasons for Adults to PLAY!

1) It gives your brain a chance to rest. Our brains are very busy places; playing lets it wander in a different direction for while. 2) Temporarily shuts up our internal critic/editor that often interferes with questions of worthiness, ability, etc. 3) Social play, such a game nights or group sports improve social skills and help us feel connected to our community and world. 4) A mental health reboot. Not from having a mental illness but play often leads to feelings that make us feel good, even when we don’t think we can. ...more

Embrace Your Age!

Tuesday 22 July 2014I recently had a Birthday. And like every year, I celebrated my day. It was my first Birthday as a parent, which I think is a very special thing....more

Serendipity: Living in a Small Town

Sunday 21 September 2014...more

The Meaning of the Mountain

Sunday, 7 December 2014 Mountains can represent many things symbolically and metaphorically: obstacles, making progress, permanence, mental improvement, inspiration and motivation, seclusion, difficulty in rising to a particular emotional state or way of thinking, immovability, a solitary state, freedom, ancient wisdom ("old and wise"), overcoming a difficulty, a challenge for an individ...more

Not So Super, but Still a Hero

Have you ever looked around only to discover you are drowning in the chaos of your own making? ...more

Giving Yourself A Break

I had a supremely unproductive night a couple of weeks ago.There, I said it. Phew.I had set out diligently and studiously to work hard on my business and continue making serious moves in that department, but it just didn’t happen.Instead, I sat on the couch watching episodes of Drunk History on Comedy Central, debating which sushi roll(s) to order for WAY too long, general putzing and other kind of not-as-important-as-my-business things. I totally avoided all my to-dos.Why?...more

show up

 How do you move foward when you keep stumbling back?...more

Weigh In

I weighed myself today. I was at my boy friends mothers' house for dinner. I dont own a scale and hers was one of those great big ones and right next to the toilet. I'd been curious about how much I had gained since this new relationship started nine months ago.  Wow I was quite surprised and in shock. The last time I weighed this much was 28 years ago and I was nine months pregnant.  How could I let myself get this way? Yes, I am in that middle age premenopausal stage of life when alot of women gain weight for no seeming reason. But I wasnt going to do that!...more