MOM. Mom On A Mission!

I thought I'd share the beginning of my journey. I've done this a few times and quit after the first day. Today is my 2nd day, so I'm doing 100% better than before! I have always struggled with my weight and appearance. I'm not HUGE, but I do have some extra. I've found my soul mate and have had 2 kids, so some weight has been put on.The last two months, I've gotten EXTREMELY depressed about my weight and how I look. So depressed, I've started bawling in the middle of the day every 4 days. Something clicked yesterday, I am DONE!...more

No More Starting Over

There is no more starting over - no more starting again - no more I'll start tomorrow...because last night I got 'the call' that brought me to my knees - the call that ripped through my very core - the call that had me crying out to God within the hollow depths of my being.......more

Time for a change.

I'm new to the BlogHer community, so I guess for my first post I will share some great news!Here is a little backstory first.My husband and I are both US Military veterans. My husband was retired due to medical issues and promoted to the rank of Mister instead of Sergeant.We still have all of our military benefits and privileges (except for the nice paycheck). At the beginning of March we were notified by our medical insurance provider that since we do not live close to an active duty military installation, our out of pocket healthcare costs will increase....more
Ah military benefits, sigh - been there, done that.  Which beach (area) are you moving to?more

What If...?

I'm two days into my last week at work and thoughts are passing through my head.  What if I become bored being home? What if I finally have time to write, but find that now I've lost my muse? What if I become FAT? What if I become addicted to daytime tv? What if I begin talking to myself because I'm alone all day? What if I become neurotic about my 'spotless house'? What if Tony and I grow to hate one another because we're together so much? What if he begins to resent me for taking on my bills?...more

It's perfectly normal to question things intensely during times of transition. Even good changes ...more

10 Things I'm Not Liking Right Now! Help I Need Motivating

    1-I don’t like it that I’m eating carrots sticks right now instead of a candy bar. 2-I don’t like it that I have to walk on the treadmill later on this afternoon. 3-I don’t like it that my pants are too tight. 4-I don’t like it that I don’t like to wear sleeveless tops or bathing suits. 5-I don’t like it that I get short of breath walking up a flight of stairs. 6-I don’t like it that I prefe...more

Thanks so much. I haven't tried tea yet. I've never heard of ballerina tea. I need the ...more

Joan Rivers Reality: A Component Of Emptynester Lifestyle Change...

I was watching the premiere of Joan and Melissa Rivers new Reality TV Show, airing Tuesday nights on We TV Channel. The show called Joan & Melissa; Joan Knows Best, centers around Joan moving from New York to live in California with Melissa and Cooper, Melissa Rivers 10 year old son. While watching the show, I was struck first off by the accumulated wealth garnered by this comedic icon over the years... Next, I was pondering how much this lifestyle change might affect the mother and daughter relationship dynamic, now that Joan was actually moving in with her daughter, Melissa. The viewers get to see the reactions of Joan and Melissa's friends and employees about the obvious change in the two women lives....more


Today, my granddaughter turned sixteen. Funny, it seemed just yesterday the two of us were sitting on the precariously manuvered steps off the back porch leading to the apartment in my metropolitan neighborhood. She was around 6 then. We were buddies, bff's who clung together out of love, bloodship and a need to bottle feel good feeling up for all eternity. I suppose those times for me with my granddaughter helped to remind me of how important I was in the life of this little girl....more

Can You Make a Loved One More Health Concious?

When I first became a dietitian over 10 years ago, I made a point to give nutritional advice to all of my family and friends. But after years of resistance to my help, I’ve learned to keep quite and wait until asked. I’ve come a long way from scrutinizing the plates of everyone I know. ...more

It's Never Too Late: Happiness Now!

O.K. So sometime in December I was minding my own business and I get this email that I missed because I was very busy minding my own business but actually the email was directly related to my business and so I guess, since I missed it, that means I wasn't minding my own business as well as I thought. (Inhale, exhale, I'm breathing. I'm breathing.) ...more

on an old theme.  Your post made me laugh and nod my head and think.

 Thanks for that! ...more

I Will NEVER Accept Neglect as a Family Value Again

I stood in the small clearing where my father-in-laws dilapidated camper sits, staring in open disgust at the filth surrounding it. My sister-in-law, N and her three children had spent the summer there. Oh, N didn't sleep in the camper with her children. The camper leaked badly and had a severe mold problem. Her oldest, a deeply emotionally disturbed boy, 10 years old and on Zoloft wet the bed he shared with his brother and sister nearly every night. N slept in her car parked behind the camper, but evidence of their stay this year was everywhere. ...more