Brain Fart Thursdays...

For some reason on Thursdays I have a blogging block. I don't know if it is because every other day I usually have a backup plan if I don't have anything interesting well to me anyways, bugger off to say or what. But I had no idea AGAIN what to blog about. So I will just babble on endlessly til someone either tells me to shut the hell up or you start ignoring me....more

No officer, he didn't make me cry, you did...

I was getting veggies out of my garden tonight, when there was an insane noise outside my house. And then there was a truck and a boat, stopped. With a flat tire. The noise reminded me of something, and experience I had once had with a boat and trailer. Well it wasn't just me, but I was a participant in the chaos. Let me start at the beginning... ...more

You complete me...right?

Wrong. If there is one thing I have learned in this life of mine, in my 46 years of always trying to make everyone around me love me, accept me and approve of is that no one else can make you whole. You are whole all on your own, whether you realize it or not. I, most of my life have not realized this. ...more

Some days it's not just the little things, it's the big s*** too...

  This has been a brutal couple of days. Emotional, helpless, worried. A lady who I work with and adore...her husband was in a plane crash on Saturday. He was in a Airshow down in Naniamo, he was the first act, and he crashed. They have shown the crash on the News hour about 4 times now. Bill is alive...stable but still in critical condition in a hospital in Victoria. ...more

Urban Dictionary defines me...

a girly-girl/tomboy who, while into fashion, shoes, and the latest celbrity scandals, is also capable of telling you the difference between the jeep wrangler rubacon and the normal jeep wrangler. look at her in her prada shoes talking about trucks, she is such a redneck princess....more

Would You Buy a Vibrator at a Drugstore?

Janine placed the pregnancy test on the counter to be rung up. The woman behind it hardly gave a glance as she took it to ring it up. “You’re having sex,” she said. It wasn’t a question. The woman motioned dismissively to the condoms on an aisle nearby. Janine blushed, mortified. “It’s obviously a little late for that, isn’t it?” she stammered. ...more

I like trade shows, because it's all out there for you to see, check out and talk to reps about. ...more