Pot Liquor

About a week ago, I made some off the cuff vegetable soup. I threw in a pot some potatoes, garlic, onion, carrots, celery, chicken broth and some kale. I ate it for a few days then in the fridge it sat. Today I work I remembered the soup, as I was eating a frozen pot pie cooked in the microwave. Tonight I came home and transferred the rest of the soup to a container I could take to work. I noticed there wasn't much kale in there. So I quickly chopped some up, put some water in a pot and cooked down the kale so it would match the consistency of the rest of the soup....more

Leaving Traces in Your Brain

Day after day, your mind is building your brain.  So what are you thinking about, obsessing about?  What are you enjoying every day?Due to a concept known as Neural Darwinism – “survival of the busiest” –  whatever captures your mindshare dominates your brain changes. Actually, with every thought and feeling you teach your brain WHAT to think about, and HOW you should feel. Turns out that old meditation saying is a scientific fact: “you become what your mind rests upon.”...more

Jack Handy's Bewbs

Do you know what 1.5 days on the beach can get you? I mean, aside from a gloriously crispy rack? Read more about it here....more