Reaching out to women gearheads!

Today in my search for blogging advice I stumbled across this site. It took me very little time to determine that this is a vast and dynamic community of women with all sorts of interests. My question is this: do many of you have an interest in the automotive world? To be clear, I am a man. While this is obviously a female-based community, I did not see any restrictions for men, so unless I'm asked to leave, I'd like to pick your brains! ...more

Thinking On Purpose

Some things are just meant to be. I just finished reading a great interview with Roy Spence author of the new “It’s Not What You Sell. It’s What You Stand For.” In it he describes the success of several great companies who continue to succeed even in today’s rough economic climate. He credits their ability to define their purpose - the difference you are trying to make in the world. Not touchy feely but a serious way of approaching bottom line decisions. ...more