Smart Lighting Industry Estimates Growth in Billions by 2020

Smart light, otherwise known as fancy lamps, is a highly energy efficient design of lighting technology, which has been gaining much popularity over the years. With its unique features and functionalities, it is much more stunning and sophisticated than the normal light. It features automated controls, allowing it to adjust the daylight availability, lighting per occupancy and many other conditions....more




 Xmas lighting brings into our minds all the festivities related to Christmas. They are meant for embellishment and are also known as fairy lights. The decorations of Christmas Eve are incomplete without them. It is the festival rejoicing the birth of Jesus. The rituals of Christmas other than lighting include church services, exchanging of gifts, carol singing, Christmas cake, etc.A Brief History of Lighting:...more

Around the house...finding the right size light

AROUND THE HOUSE WITH CEILING LIGHT SIZES...  It's that time of year when lighting and furniture is on

Photography 102: Lighting

I've really started to take an interest in improving my photography lately, especially my lighting. Previously, I was shooting on our dining room table. Every time I took a shot, I had to move the table close to the window, and hope to goodness I didn't get reflections in the images I was taking!...more
Thank you for this! So awesome!more

Let there be lights: Loving the Hue personal wireless lighting system

 "So, do you know how to read anymore?"...more


In my first essay on the Duchess of Malfi, we have to consider how we would stage one of the scenes. In researching this it has turned my mind to lighting in tv, film and plays....more

Lighted Mercury Glass

When we first moved to this house I acquired a couple of glass chandeliers from our niece and her husband.  I just have a Love affair going with chandeliers...and I think it has now....turned into obsession.  I've since decided that there is something I don't like about these chandeliers....Mainly....I HATE that I can see the wiring through the glass I had a thought about how to turn them into a recycled treasures! ...more

Letter Lighting: How to Make a Font Lantern

Want a quick and easy way to make your space look super hip in only a couple hours? I wish I could tell you that this was hard, but it was sooooo easy. It just took the time to randomly stick vinyl letter type stickers in various sizes (I purchased mine at Michaels) to a plain white paper lantern. You could do this with really any kind of plain sticker....more

this would be adorable in my preschooler's room above his bed.more

Rainbow Bright Paper Lantern