Taking Social Media to New Levels with Old Spice and Sarah McLachlan

BlogHers are hyper aware of the Old Spice Man. Maria Niles is trying to get him to come to BlogHer10 in New York. She's even appealing to him on Twitter, which is where he's been hanging out lately. ...more

However, I think there's so much creativity in what they've accomplished that there's a lot to ...more

Lilith Fair Returns! 2010 Lineup & Cities Announced!

In case you haven't heard, or don't know, Sarah McLachlan is restarting Lilith Fair! This all-female tour began in 1997 and went until 1999. It wasn't the first tour of its kind (Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, Riot Grrrl's LadyFest, ect), yet, it was the most visible and monetarily successful all-female tour in history. It reached over 1.5 million fans in and raised over $10 million dollars for various charities. Sarah began the tour out of need for female artists to gain more exposure and just plain old R-E-S-P-E-C-T. At the time, it was radio station policy not to play female artists back-to-back. The assumption was that most radio listeners were male, and wouldn't want to hear those whiney females singing about babies and broken hearts and all that girly stuff. **Rolls eyes** ...more