An Ugly Brown Log

Years ago, I began researching lilies for my backyard pond. I discovered they can only be ordered at a certain time of year and I had to wait nine months to try again. I flagged the website and marked my calendar.With shipping, the cost of my order was $50.00. I was so excited and checked the post office daily. The package finally arrived and inside a small 6 X 4 inch box, wrapped in plastic was my treasure. It was actually quite funny because my anticipated gem was a 4 inch log.My hubby peered over my shoulder with a look of disgust. “What did you pay for it?”...more
Oh, Suzie, how does your garden grow? With love and care, patience and imagination. Your water ...more

Lily has gone off to school

Lily's excited today as school photo's are being taken! this was the easiest morning to get her off to school so far this week. ...more