Think Big

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My Capabilities

Hey there, Dvora! Where have you been? I just saw your avatar from an eleven month old Comment ...more

How do I learn to accept Limitations?

My family doctor is an awesome man.  He is, without a doubt, looking out for my best interests.  He's frank and tells me like it is.  So do I listen?  Not always.  I eventually listen....more
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I Don't Remember a Time When I was Symptom Free ...

On one of the support groups that I am a part of, a friend - Belle, wanted to know what it feels like to NOT be in a flare i.e. an acute phase of Lupus. This was my response: For at least the last twenty-four years I don't remember not having been in a flare. I was correctly diagnosed in '99. But from a long time before that I remember symptoms and episodes that indicated Lupus....more

The Fight of My Life

I hope it's okay to post a link to my blog: It's I was just an ordinary gal living an ordinary life when it was all indelibly changed in a split second by an auto accident on freeway. Thank you kindly. ResilientHeart ...more