Empty Nester - What Does it Mean?

I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing what it means to be an empty nester after having been a full time stay at home mother for so many years. The phrase empty nester conjures up a feeling for many people. For some it is apprehension and for others it represents possibilities. Being parents of college age kids my husband and I will presumably be empty nesters now for the rest of our lives. At least that’s what we hope -lol -although today many kids come back to live at home after college. So what does it mean to be an empty nester?...more

Limitless Possibilities

" All things are possible if you believe!!" What does this quote mean? Can we take this quote literally? Yes, I believe we can!! On my quest to find excitement in my life. I have found that doors open up when you announce that you are coming through them. Its like going to  someone's house and knocking at the door, or ringing the door bell. How do they reply? Most often they say who is it, especially if they can't see whose on the other side, but the moment they recognize you they let you in. You were created ...more