Start a Fitness Routine TODAY!

Good morning! I just got back from an awesome run along the Hudson River. It's about 80 degrees and very humid, so the 70 minutes I spent outside were divided up between running, power walking, sprinting and doing other intervals. I am really upping my fitness routine now that I am pain free in my ankle and the rest of my body. NO limits.I want to get one person (at least, but I will be happy with 1) to START (or, restart) a fitness routine....more

Calling All Risk Takers!

Hi, I am calling all risk takers!! This Lindspiration is for anybody who has ever taken a risk that greatly altered the course of your existence. This could be in the career realm, relationship realm or anything really. I don't care. I mean, I do care. I care A LOT. I find risk takers incredibly INSPIRING. So, if you took a risk and you're willing to share your experience, would you please leave a comment or respond to my FB post? Did you:...more

What's Your Emotional Style?

Good morning! I am loving this interview with neuroscientist and author, Richard Davidson, about the evolutionary benefit and value of our emotions....more

Stop People Pleasing (

I've had a very extroverted week...on social media, anyway. I started Tweeting more, updating my FB status regularly, commenting on celebrity deaths like Whitney or celebrity inspirationals, such as Jeremy Lin #linsanity and Adele, the latter who recently said on 60 MINUTES, "Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look". Goddess....more

Lin-Spiration Continues #Linsaneinthemembrane

Good morning! The Linsanity in NY continues and last night I got even more caught up in the wave. I went to Madison Square Garden after work to see if I could score a pair of KNICKS tickets in a reasonable price range for me and my bro. The scalpers were out in full effect and laughed in my face when I said I was looking for a pair at $100 each. My brother monitored Stub Hub to see if prices would drop at tip off. Alas, they don't. They drop off the website entirely at game time, actually!...more

Jeremy Lin and Lindspiration

Good morning! I work in TV and when a few of my coworkers who know about this blog told me there's some guy Jeremy Lin stealing my Lindspiration thunder (ha ha ha), I had to find out who and what they were talking about! So, I turned on the KNICKS game last night and watched it start to finish, only to have my mind blown by the evening's star -- Harvard grad, no contract, 4th string turned starting point guard PHENOM, Jeremy Lin. Yeahhh!!!...more
Thanks for writing this Lindspiring post. As a Taiwanese American from the same area as Jeremy ...more

Open to Surprises

Get out, get out, get out even more, Lindsay (they personalize, I love that)! Because there are people you've yet to meet, laughs you've yet to share, stories you've yet to live, and riches you've yet to tap into, that will not find you under any other circumstances. Besides, how else can I shower you with surprises? ( love how this email lands right with my experience of this past weekend. One of the tools in my wellness toolkit (doesn't everybody have a wellness toolkit?...more

Declaring Victimhood Dead

Morning, sunshines!...more

A Sane Approach to Weight Loss

Morning. Frozen out here in NYC, omg. I just took intenSati at Equinox Fitness and it warmed me up body, mind and spirit. Definitely a great start to the day.It's really easy to get discouraged on the topic of weight.Easy, because it's familiar.Discouraged, because of how ingrained the habit is to find comfort in food, stress relief in food, pleasure in food, energy in food, joy in food and play out some of my self sabotaging vis a vis overeating....more

Inspire it Forward!

Holy shit it's 2012. Already!Time is ticking.REALLY, really, ticking.Get the priorities in order.Cut the crap.Release the extra weight.Abandon "energetic anchors.""There is nothing that burning desire plus positive belief can't make real."Reframed --Things become real through wanting and feeling and believingyou deserve it.LOVE!JOY!PEACE!HAPPINESS!PASSIONATE LIVING!every day!for all 365!(Ok, maybe not EVERY day. But many days. MANY days!)...more