OMG Lindsay Lohan What Happened To Your Face? [+ SNL Promo]

Lindsay, let's be real. I am not against plastic surgery. I'd slice my baby-havin-pouch with the hideously disfigured tattoo off in a second, and I'd let them take my asymmetrical saddle bags with it. And I'm not above admitting that there used to be a small bump on my nose. But OMFG LINDSAY LOHAN...YOU LOOK LIKE MELANIE GRIFFITH AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY....more
Wow, so mean spirited and not uplifting for women. Tsk tsk.more

All Lindsay Needed was a Little Bit of Structure

When Lindsay Lohan showed up in court today for a progress report, the judge gave the troubled starlet something she’s rarely heard: glowing remarks. In the ten minute hearing, Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lohan “you have actually done your work,” noting she completed her 12 days of community service early and had attended an extra therapy session than what was required. By requiring Lohan to complete 12 days of morgue duty and four therapy sessions of month, and to check in each month for a progress report, Judge Sautner gave Lohan something she so desperately needed: a routine. ...more

Lindsay Lohan Exposed: Playboy Cover AND Secret Heath Ledger Love Leaked

I really try not to buy into the trainwreck side of celebrity culture. Life is kind of hard enough without the schadenfreude of mocking celebrities as they walk into a proverbial buzz saw. I really do try to do my best to keep my focus on the more positive stories in the world of Entertainment....more

Weekend Update

Thanksgiving was nice. We skipped the usual plan (going to my aunt & uncle's house with all the extended family) because they had been sick recently, and we spent the day with my brother and his wife, and my mom and grandma, instead. I'm so glad we did, because everyone who attended Thanksgiving at my aunt's house came down with a terrible stomach flu. Yaaaay turkey and vomit. SO glad we missed that one. But it makes me crazy how that side of the family is ALWAYS sick on holidays and other get-togethers....more

Oh Lindsey Lohan. What's Become of You, Girl?

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. No, I'm not trying to channel my inner Jan Brady here, I just wanted to take a moment to sound maternal. I mean, if anyone could use a mother, it's you. Your own mother is, bless her heart, not exactly the sort of woman that you should be looking up to.Lindsay Can You Hear Me?  (Image Courtesy of Zuma Press)...more
I'm rooting for her too. I hope she can pull it back together before it's too late.more

The World’s Most Dateable (and Un-Dateable) Celebrities!

By Kari Arneson from Cupid’s Pulse...more

Demi Lovato Checked Herself Into Rehab: Let's Give The Girl A Hand

So. Demi Lovato has, apparently, checked herself into rehab to address “emotional and physical issues.” The media, of course, is all over this: another young female celebrity, crushed under the weight of the pressure of being a young female celebrity. Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the inevitability! Oh, the legacy of Lohan! OH THE DISNEY CURSE! ...more

I can only imagine how heart broken her parents are. I have three little girls who adore Demi ...more

Wall of Shame ... Lots of Shame: "Free Lindsay" Rally in Support of Lohan Just a Publicity Stunt

Earlier in the week, word broke about a rally taking place in New York City in support of one of the greatest inspirational icons of a generation. Yes, lovers of La Lohan, a “Free Lindsay” event was rumored to take place Tuesday, July 27 in a location that does suitable justice to Miss Lohan: outside of Beach Bum Tanning, a salon frequented by Lindsay pre-incarceration. ...more

Spat out my iced tea from laughing.

Melissa writes more

An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lindsay, It was around the year 2001. I was flipping the TV channels in bed and accidentally stumbled upon a movie. I had always loved Dennis Quaid, so I was curious as to why I hadn’t seen this particular one. There you were. Your sweet face. The Parent Trap. How charming, and lovely, and beautiful, and sweet and innocent. I remember thinking, “Who is this girl? She’s such an incredible actress.”...more

Belinda Carlisle on Lindsay Lohan and Robert Downey, Jr.: The BlogHer Interview, Part 2

It's Go-Go's Week on! I'm interviewing Belinda Carlisle on her new tell-all memoir about her 25 years of hiding her drug use after supposedly going sober in the late '80s. ...more

Rest assured, that when people open up about difficult stuff like this, they often receive an ...more