Et Tube, Brute? My response to the NY Times article "Hunger Games"

You may have read the article "Bridal Hunger Games" in the Fashion section of the April 13th New York Times about dieting trends amongst women who are trying to lose weight for their wedding....more

Competing Against Ms. Resistance

Morning. I had a very significant 15 or so hours, starting last night with another RIVETING Knicks game in which the Knicks came from behind to beat the Cavaliers. Lin played really well but the real story was the depth of the NY bench led by Novak. His string of 4th quarter 3 pointers was the turning point the Knicks needed to grab another victory. ...more

A Few Good Tweaks -- Ways to get motivated without making too big a change!

A Few Good Tweaks   When Steve Jobs passed away a few months ago, people payed attention to his strategies and approaches to business that really worked....more

Whitney (apologies, after 10 tries and cut & pastes, this post is still going up as one giant paragraph)

Whitney Houston had a rare voice. One which, as I listen to "Greatest Love of All" with my Bosu headphones, I remember as flawless. She added virtuosity to pop confections, "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" being two of my favorites from the earlier stages of her career. I remember seeing her videos (I was about 10) and marveling at how thin and limber she was, at her stunning smile with perfect teeth and that cute, little head flick nod thing she'd do while snapping her fingers....more

A Sane Approach to Weight Loss

Morning. Frozen out here in NYC, omg. I just took intenSati at Equinox Fitness and it warmed me up body, mind and spirit. Definitely a great start to the day.It's really easy to get discouraged on the topic of weight.Easy, because it's familiar.Discouraged, because of how ingrained the habit is to find comfort in food, stress relief in food, pleasure in food, energy in food, joy in food and play out some of my self sabotaging vis a vis overeating....more

5 Tips for Affordable Self Care in New York City

Good morning! Quick post here before I jump in the shower and get to work on time. Yes.How do you spend your money for your self care? NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and it's tempting to find yourself at shops and stores which justify NYC's reputation. Not necessary. There are plenty of places to go that won't make too much of a dent in your wallet and I wanted to share some of my favorites:1....more

Reconnect to your Source

The point of entry for me into a spiritual life -- and by that I mean a reliance upon and relationship with a Source energy or "power greater than myself" that is divine in nature -- was the need and desire to rediscover the real me. I lost myself. For years. I buried myself under unhealthy behaviors, toxic relationships, jobs which had me underemployed and underpaid, people pleasing, harsh treatment against myself, resentment towards others, and a refusal to live in my power. For starters....more

Why Write

Good morning,...more

The Tyranny of LIKE

Sleeping six hours, going to multiple 6:30am fitness classes a week followed by 8 hours behind a desk, drinking too much coffee so my energy spikes and drops like a bungee jumper -- each of these actions do result in my feeling, at times, exhausted. Surpise surprise. Yet nothing, no thing, no behavior or excess of behaviors in my current life makes me feel as tired as being fake. And perhaps nothing, no thing, feeds and fuels a tendency towards inauthenticity as much as a desire to receive the life equivalent of a Facebook LIKE....more

100 Thank You's

Maybe one day I'll give a little big speech in a rather large auditorium with a trophy of some variety, earned not politically but legitimately for my work (creative, humanitarian or otherwise), in a dress that is a deep, emerald green, borrowed emeralds dripping from my ears, clip ons, of course, because my holes are loose and can't handle dangleys. I'll go home and put said trophy of some sort on a shelf, a place where I can see it when I want but not all the time, lest it come to define me and distract me from THE WORK....more
Thanks, Anastasia! Same to you. xmore