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Sexual Self-Care: 10 Valentine's Day Lingerie Ideas for All Body Types

I have a confession to make: I've spent more time over the past 18 months thinking about how tied my self-esteem is to my desirability than I had the entire previous 30+ years.The reasons for this are twofold: 1. I had a baby and 2. I went through a breakup. My confidence took a nosedive for awhile. I'm honestly still working on it, but the number one lesson I've learned is how imperative self-care is. Mental, spiritual, physical...sexual. True story.What's Sexual Self-Care?...more
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Jockey Skimmies + Jockey Slimmers Keep You Sleek n’ Sexy This Season

Struggling to find the right lingerie for the holidays? Jockey has it covered! -PJ Gach...more

Battling with Bras: What Small-Chested Women Need to Know

Small-chested women have their own set of concerns when it comes to bras. Not only do they have to struggle to find bras that fit their smaller size, they have to find a bra that satisfies their need for comfort and style. If you are a small-chested woman, the following advice can help you on your quest to find bras that will complement your body type....more

Sexy Wedding Night Secrets - What to Wear?

Every woman would love to drive her man crazy during the first wedding night. This is why many women purchase sexy lingerie. A wedding night is a special moment that everyone longs for in life because of its significance. Therefore, taking advantage of sexy lingerie that enhance your body type and bring out the best in you will help drive your man crazy. It is important to understand what you can wear on this special occasion to impress and drive your man crazy....more


Are you all ready for your “happily ever after”? So… what are you wearing under? As we’ve decided a few topics ago, what you wear underneath and how it makes you feel inside is as important as how you look outside! Henceforth, this theory most definitely applies ever more so on the most important day of your life -- Your Wedding Day....more
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You & Your Lingerie -- Making your relationship last longer

 LINGERIE. What’s the big deal about lingerie? Technically aren’t they’re just underwear? Which means you wear them under clothing, hence, no one else sees them right? – WRONG....more

Five Questions Women Have With Regards to Bras

Despite the fact that bras have been around for such a long time, many women still have difficulties understanding the dynamics of bras, thus making it confusing to buy bra sets which are perfect. Let’s discuss the most common questions women have with regards to bras.How do I select the right bra style?...more

10 Expert Tips for Buying Lingerie

This week I decided to focus on Love! It is Valentine's Day week, so that's what is on everyone's mind. I wanted to start off with what usually comes at the end of Valentine's Day: LingerieYup, I have been in the lingerie business for 7 1/2 years, and a lingerie connoisseur for even longer. I thought I would share some tips for those shopping for themselves and those who are shopping for something sexy for their partner.Here are my 10 tips: ...more
Excellent tips:  washing before wearing is often forgotten. I would add shopping as acouple, ...more

Are you part of the 80% or 20%...lets take a look!

When it comes to bras and getting measured, for some reason ladies…we’re getting it all wrong! Why do we do this to ourselves? We would never wear a pair of shoes that were too small, or had our foot slipping out of it, so why do it to our bras? So it’s time for some tough love. If your bra does any of the below…your wearing the wrong sized bra!**Do keep in mind that different brands use different sizes, so although you may think you know your bra size, it may vary between brands.**...more
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