Introducing: The Nude Label, Spain

VINTAGE LINGERIE FOR THE MODERN, LAZY GALI'm not what you might call a girly girl. If you had to classify me by one of those "What's Your Street Style?" slideshows, I'd definitely fall in the tomboy / #cozygirl variety. ...more

Granny Panties: A Love Story

Last week I came across a post on – a must-read to stay current on celebrity and fashion trends -- titled "What Do Your Pajamas Say About You?" Before I started reading, I was convinced there would not be an "I wear actual concert T-shirts from the 80s and granny underwear" category for pajama wear. But, s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e...there was a category for me!...more
I happen to be wearing a sweater with a sweatshirt over it right now because I am freezing. But, ...more