Why You Might be Leaving Money on the Table in LinkedIn (and what to do about it!)

I do a lot of speaking about LinkedIn. I love to go to conferences and speak with groups who are just ready and willing to see social media change their business. During these breakout sessions I try to make my information “real” by doing some on-the-spot mini profile reviews as I am speaking.What I find is so interesting!More than 50% of the time these mini reviews reveal that the LinkedIn profile is missing a summary....more

Social Media Advertising For Small Business – Part 3 – LinkedIn

The third installment of our advertising series is centered on a business-minded platform: LinkedIn....more

Portfolio Update Completed!

Hooray! My portfolio / LinkedIn update is done! I’m still working on the “branding” thing, but I’m not sure how much the “personality tests” will help. In fact, there’s an article from the New York Times here that says these kinds of tests are basically worthless....more

Progress on Upping My Game

So I’m getting there. I'm making progress on Upping My Game. The first thing I’m doing is revamping my portfolio website. I’ve added tons of new samples and have a list for more. It’s taken a while going through so many projects and deciding which are useful and which are not. You can’t (and shouldn’t) put everything up....more

Upping My Game

Recently, I was told my LinkedIn profile could use some work. So in an effort to improve it, I took several different “personality tests,” all similar to the Myers-Briggs type....more
Wow ...that is a lot to think about. personal branding appears to have generated out of the ...more

How Thought Leaders Like Oracle's Mark Hurd Leverage LinkedIn

The career-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn, continues to look for ways to make its site habit-forming, drawing users in on a daily basis like Twitter and Facebook. To this end, it recently launched the addition of a "follow" button, allowing users to see when others post links or update statuses. At the same time, LinkedIn introduced a 150-person, hand-picked panel of "influencers," a prestigious group of sociopolitical leaders and industry titans who can use the site to share their ideas and advice through blogs....more

LinkedIn Business Features – Bringing It All Together

In last last weeks’ post, LinkedIn’s Features for Business I discussed how Company Page Analytics, Sponsored Updates and Targeted Updates are powerful tools for ...more

LinkedIn’s Newest Features – Part 1

Originally LinkedIn was the platform where people could take to, to connect with others and look for jobs. The past few years LinkedIn has changed its tune. LinkedIn has positioned themselves as the go to expert in everything from college research, content curation and business referrals. How have they done this?...more

tip jar: leveraging linkedin to brand yo’self – part 1

howdy ya’ll! i decided to re-visit the “tip jar” series that i had a few years back and provide some “tips” to help you in your professional careers!...more

5 Things to NOT Do on LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn just like the next entrepreneur. It’s a wonderful outlet to network in a professional environment as opposed to Twitter and Facebook which are great, but often blur the line between one’s personal and professional life. Yet in the process of my LinkedIn experience, I’ve encountered certain actions that should just not be done. Check out these pointers to make sure you’re not making these woeful mistakes!...more
@JennaHatfield Dear Jenna, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! :/more