A New World of Sales Techniques in a Digital Age

If someone knocked on your door asking you to buy something, how quickly would you shut the door? Long gone are the days of door-to-door sales, and just as selling face-to-face is becoming a thing of the past, many other aspects of sales are changing with the digital times. What once was a cold call ...more

How to Find the Recruiter or Hiring Manager for a Job

No excuses. You can't simply apply for jobs online and then call it a day. You must go the extra mile in today's ultra-competitive job market. It can be hard to know where to start (like where is the start of that "extra mile"?!). Melissa Anzman of Loosen Your White Collar gives you practical, tactical, easy-to-follow steps on where to start. ...more

How to to Get Attention for Your Resume

If you think you are just going to apply for jobs and effortlessly get the interview (and then the job), you are wrong. In today's climate it takes that extra effort to get seen. Hannah Morgan tells you why you need to do the "two-step" so you increase the odds your resume rises to the top of the pile. ...more

How to Use LinkedIn to Actually Help Your Career

LinkedIn can be a great tool for professionals -- but only if you know how to use it. As Melissa at Loosen Your White Collar notes: ...more

Will The New LinkedIn Updates Make Connecting Easier?

LinkedIn added a whole bunch of new features to their company pages. There are upgrades for page branding and other features that should promote smoother networking. What are these updates and how will they benefit the business owner?...more

Are You Hanging Out Online with the Rest of Your Demographic?

Ever look around your favourite social media site and note the people you find there?  Are you where the rest of your demographic is located, or are you the odd one out?  And is being the odd one out beneficial since you stand out in a crowd? An infographic on the BlogHerald recently broke down who is where, and what we can learn from the type of person who is drawn to each site. ...more
I am heavily on Pinterest (the upkeep drives me batty), I am new to Twitter with still learning ...more

New Updates: Both LinkedIn and eHarmony Hacked

Reports that a hacker may have made off with 6.5 million passwords on LinkedIn are surfacing this morning. The story originated from a Russian forum, to which a user posted some encrypted passwords as part of a claim to have hacked into the site. A security breach hasn't been confirmed by LinkedIn yet, but sources such as Business Insider are suggesting that you change your password. ...more
thank-you so much  more

Exposure: 10 Reasons Why LinkedIn (Still) Matters

Exposure: 10 Reasons Why LinkedIn (Still) MattersBy Kristen Harris With the explosion of social networks, especially those that blur the line between personal and professional, a lot of people are wondering if LinkedIn is still relevant. Does it still matter? In a word, yes....more

Create Your Group of Prospects For Free

What can a LinkedIn Group do for you?  Simple answer, a LinkedIn Group can further identify you as the expert at what you do! Branding yourself as the expert is critical for any inbound marketing efforts.   I don’t mean simply joining a group or participating in any random group.  What I am referring to is creating your own group where you run the show!  How many groups have you seen with hundreds of thousands of members?...more

Job Hungry – Part 2

In Part One of the ‘Job Hungry’ strategic planning process I asked you to identify your top three career ‘Yeses and No’s’. Let’s assume you have completed that exercise and you are ready for your next action step.Remember the fun part of ‘Job Hungry’ is there is no pressure to make something happen immediately. You are presently employed and you are empowering yourself by being proactive and sourcing a new position, so have lots of fun with this exercise....more