Create Your Group of Prospects For Free

What can a LinkedIn Group do for you?  Simple answer, a LinkedIn Group can further identify you as the expert at what you do! Branding yourself as the expert is critical for any inbound marketing efforts.   I don’t mean simply joining a group or participating in any random group.  What I am referring to is creating your own group where you run the show!  How many groups have you seen with hundreds of thousands of members?...more

Job Hungry – Part 2

In Part One of the ‘Job Hungry’ strategic planning process I asked you to identify your top three career ‘Yeses and No’s’. Let’s assume you have completed that exercise and you are ready for your next action step.Remember the fun part of ‘Job Hungry’ is there is no pressure to make something happen immediately. You are presently employed and you are empowering yourself by being proactive and sourcing a new position, so have lots of fun with this exercise....more

Job Search: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Job searches are now mostly done online and rarely do people apply in person anymore. Major job search websites such as or have less impact as social media has transitioned into becoming the front runner for online recruiting....more

For me Social Media Involvement is about Value

Today I feel as though the sky is clearer and the smog has dissippated.  The smog of Facebook has scattered, broken apart into nano particles of nothingness.  The air is clear. I discontinued my involvement with Facebook [FB]....more

Job Search Tips From the Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn!

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with Stacy Donovan Zapar, a San Diego area recruiter, an expert in networking and social media marketing, and the Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn!  Over Starbucks, she shared with me loads of advice for my job search - and yours!  Read about it here! -joy...more

Maximizing the Power of LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a very powerful business tool, in this article Bob Speyer tells us how to use it for lead generation....more

LinkedIn IPO - Shares Skyrocket

In the first of what could be numerous social networking IPO's, LinkedIn's shares skyrocketed on the first day of trading today (May 19, 2011) under the ticker LKND. Could this IPO usher in a new wave of old like exuberance? According to the LA Times: ...more

Guidelines for Creating an Effective Mobile Website

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses guidelines for creating an effective mobile website. ...more

Drafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of drafting a social media policy for your company. ...more