Guidelines for Creating an Effective Mobile Website

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses guidelines for creating an effective mobile website. ...more

Drafting Your Company’s Social Media Policy

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discuss the importance of drafting a social media policy for your company. ...more

You’re Not Dead Yet! 11 Ways to Stay Healthy at Your Workplace

By Janette Leon-Speyer –Web Success Team Sitting at a computer is inevitable especially for those of us in the Online Marketing and Social Media Business. I have been at a desk for over 30 years! Between school and computer. It seems as though I have spent most of my life looking at a screen....more

Using Social Media to Nurture Offline Leads

Web Success Team contributor Justin Delos Reyes discusses how to follow-up with leads through social media. As a business professional you probably have stacks of business cards in your desk drawer. How often do you follow-up with the people who handed them to you? If your answer falls in the rarely to never categories, what are your reasons for not following up? Is it lack of time? Is it because you have more important things to do? Or is it because you would rather focus on people who you know can help your business? The answer might be “yes” to all of those questions....more

#eMSF Conference Re-cap: Day 1

Day 1 of eMarketing Association’s “The Power of eMarketing” conference in San Francisco is in the books! There was a great turn out yesterday and we learned a lot of new things. We also met some awesome people and made new Twitter friends. Tina Stewart, SVP of Marketing at LYRIS kicked things off with a very informative keynote presentation....more

More Bang For Your Buck: Maximizing Your Time On LinkedIn

This is part three of a three-part series highlighting ways to maximize your time spent on social networks each week. Click here for my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook....more

Why I Am Hooked Up. Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Twitter.

LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter are not a passsing fad suitable for media, marketing, IT or recruitment professionals, as many sceptics judged at the begining. On contrary, more and more people and businesses realized the need to join and participate....more

Is LinkedIn becoming another Facebook?

The majority of people I know use Facebook to connect with current or lost friends and former lovers; the latter is usually not discussed openly. However, there are others I know in the business sector who use it for establishing business to business relationships, increasing client base and sharing industry tips. I haven't yet made that leap to Facebook personally or professionally. (Professionally, I may one day join but at this time I remain uncommitted)...more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill(ed)-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more