Comment Spammers... Seriously?!

I agonized for some time about how to title this post. Here are some titles that didn't make it: Party Pooper Comments Friday Jolt of Coffee - How Not to Comment Like a Wet Blanket They just can't be serious Spammy...more

Social Media: Using LinkedIn for Design Professionals

LinkedIn is the most widely-accepted social media platform for business. Anyone who is an employee, employer, student, freelancer, business owner, job-seeker or otherwise involved in a professional endeavor should have a complete and current LinkedIn profile. It’s the site where recruiters find candidates, employers check out potential employees, freelancers connect with future clients, former coworkers reconnect, and business contacts find opportunities every day.  ...more

12 Amazing Social Media Statistics

 By Alyse Speyer Social media is about conversation and always has been. Here are twelve jaw-dropping statistics that may help you plan your next social media campaign....more

Online Networking: How to Do it Well

In the years since the major online networking sites were launched Twitter (2006), Facebook (2004), and LinkedIn (2003), online networking has made the shift from fad to integral part of the day for many people. It is now at the heart of so many things we do -- job hunting, promoting our businesses, creating personal connections, and keeping us informed on breaking news to product research. So, how do you "do" the online networking thing well? ...more
You have some very vivid points! Social networks are shaped by the people that use them and I ...more

Going Pro? 4 Social Media Secrets

Are you as in love with Social Media as I am? If so, then are you interested in becoming more involved with it on a professional level, either in terms of teaching people how to use it or in more hands on Social Media strategizing?...more

Annual E-Footprint Freakout

I use the web to date. Not dating sites, but the information people make available on the social networks I use. A stream of seemingly meaningless updates can tell me more about a person than a carefully curated dating site profile or first date conversation ever could. ...more

The first thing to come up on Google for me is my Ham Radio license and then my Twitter account. ...more

Media Mojo - Where's Yours?

A lot of us are drawn to one media more than another.  My Mom, for instance, loves to listen to Fox News for a couple of hours every morning while she takes care of breakfast and gets ready for the day.  She loves it.  I'd rather be set upon by a pack of wild Chihuahuas than undergo that kind of punishment....more

You and the Power Players: Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network and Personal Brand

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook -- and that’s a good thing. LinkedIn’s audience is older, richer, better educated and more male than both Twitter and Facebook’s -- basically a reflection of who holds the power in business. While it may be annoying from a social perspective, when you’re networking, having access to this power base is quite helpful. ...more

I was actually just thinking today how ancient my LinkedIn is. I mean, really really old. I ...more