Sheer Juicy Lips

The heat is on and who doesn't need a little extra hydration on your pucker?!I keep most of my cosmetics in a vanity drawer (with a straight up lock and key due to rascally tots), but I like to keep a couple items readily available for touch ups throughout the day-- like my sheer lip balms....more

Spring has Sprung so lips Shine, Shimmer and Sparkle

We are loving all the amazing choices of product and shades for lips this season ,  yes Spring is here so let you lips Shine , Shimmer and Sparkle.Ooh  it all feels that all our  Bdays have come at once.................. However with so much choice comes confusion so here are our must haves Lipstick, gloss and balm in one ………. VFM and vavavoom ! ...more

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer: The Best of Both Worlds

In my #JollyVoxBox from @InfluensterVox, I received a bunch of goodies to try out and review. I got 2 makeup items, lucky me, and new Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in the coral shade, Aurora, was a real winner for me! The perfect shade to go with my red hair....more

"Green" Make-up: Great Ingredients But Still Working on the Packaging

I frequently get asked about what I do for plastic-free makeup, and honestly I haven’t had the best answer. I continue to use the products that I already had and generally only replace them with plastic-free alternatives once they are used up....more

Hi ulew.  Thanks for raising these issues.  It's nice when a company is trying to ...more

Perfect holiday lips - pretty much all you need to know

This is a compensated review by BlogHer, L'Oreal, Benefit, Cover Girl and Jemma Kidd. ...more

THe L'Oreal pots. I have one in "Savory" (WHAT IS UP WITH THESE NAMES?) and I think ...more

SPF for the LIPS: Bobbi Brown Lip Tint SPF 15

Have you ever gone through the summer issues of beauty/fashion magazines and noticed that for every photo of a sunkissed girl happily playing volleyball, there is a sidenote on how to protect skin from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the hot, hot sun? Then have you ever noticed how editors like to divide these sections up by age brackets and then like to point out the aversion that most 20-somethings have to skin protection because they are invincible to the suns powerful rays and hot damn, a tan just looks good? ...more

I use a Tinted Lip Conditioner from MAC (several colors, SPF 15, $14.50) that I have really ...more

[my] girlfriend's closet

Soon to come …. what’s in your closet? Please send in photos along with pertinent commentary of your favorite items and/or new purchases to share with the [my] style files community. You will be featured on this page, launching October 2007. Don’t wait a second longer, email today to ...more

Brow Wow

I have such brow envy it's not even funny. "C" hears me talk about it often, as she has awesome brows. She can do practically anything with them, too. When thin, sleek and arched is in - she's there. When thick and serious is in - she's there. Because she can. And I am jealous. See, I don't have much to work with. In fact, my eyebrows are translucent and you would never even know they were there unless I dyed them. On top of having barely there brows, they are low hanging. With lengthening mascara, my lashes touch my eyebrows. ...more

You Did Not Wear That!

All right, here we go. Back on professional attire - what is appropriate to wear in the workplace and what is not. I am here to tell you that apparently, women in the Human Resources field (not you "S" I promise) do not know what is appropriate. Let me clarify. I attended a health care conference last week for human resources professionals. ...more

I work at a VERY casual Green Nonprofit. We wear jeans in the office, and I cannot remember the ...more