Coolsculpting vs. Liposuction

CoolSculpting vs. LiposuctionWhen diet and exercise just isn’t enough, people who are looking to eliminate stubborn fat have turned to liposuction for years, a fairly common and uncomfortable surgical procedure where fat cells are essentially vacuumed out of the body. While it has worked for many, it can be risky and doesn’t always leave the patient looking better. That’s where noninvasive, safe and effective Coolsculpting comes into play.What is CoolSculpting?...more

A Real Girl's Guide to liposuction...what to REALLY expect

A REAL GIRLS GUIDE TO LIPOSUCTION…what to REALLY expectPure Editorial – Non Paid Post  Intro by Ceci/ Article by Guest Blogger Caitlyn...more


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Fat Reducer + Cellulite Improver? I’m All Ears (and Thighs)…

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We've got a million things to worry about, don't we? Well, I just discovered one more chunk of worry fodder for our obsession stockpile. It's something I never even heard of before now and it generally occurs in women. But by golly, it's a doozy. CANKLES.  Huh?  I repeat: "cankles". It's slang for chubby ankles. I wonder why they don't call it "chankles"? But that's another worrying point I'll save for later.  ...more