The make-up counter experience (it has a happy ending)

The make-up counter experience (it has a happy ending)By Alison Ogden · Comments (8)Wednesday,&n...more

Lip Stick Basics: Fundamental Colors

When it comes to lip sticks, I believe every person who is into makeup should start off with a red, pink, nude and a fun-flirty color. This post should be especially helpful to girls of a darker complexion who may have had issues finding these colors in suitable shades....more

Club 520

Ya know... we woman are a fickle bunch. We can be your best friend... or your worse nightmare, it all depends on the moment.We all have our special 'tricks' and favorite little things that make our lives bearable and homes running smoothly. If we like you, and feel you are worthy... we'll share them with you. Trust me... it's a fine line sometimes and making the choice to share or not is not always an easy one....more

Making Your Lipstick Last

Some women love to wear make up, and they would like it to last longer than the workday or the party.  Several cosmetics companies have come out with lipsticks that are supposed to last for hours.  But what they don't tell you is that those products can really dry out your lips....more
bagsnshoes2 I have tried primer before and it really helps.  I mainly use Mary Kay cosmetics. ...more

Lipstick Lovin'

Last month, I really enjoyed highlighting some of the products I've been loving, so I'm doing it again!  For my February Favorites post I went with a nail care theme, but this month it's all about the lips! ...more

Milani Power Lip: New Shades & Formula for Spring 2014

I just noticed the new Milani Power Lip lipsticks in a special display at my local CVS. Milani has reformulated the line and introduced 7 new shades. I got to try out 4 of them so far. Power Lip is a cross between a liquid lipstick and a gloss. The formula goes on easily with the all-in-one brush applicator, and it's shiny initially....more

DIY Lipstick Made from Crayola Crayons

DIY lipstick made from non-toxic crayons and other ingredients you probably have at home. Instructions and recipes from Beautylish. Great DIY gifts for the holidays and great stocking stuffers. For me, this will be a good winter crafting project....more

Red Apple Lipstick & Minty Gluten Free Gloss, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free

Hello Beauties!Recently a representative from Red Apple Lipstick reached out to me asking if I would like to do a product review of their lipstick and gloss.  Glad that I did because these products feel so great on the lips and they are all safe!...more

"I'm Not a Lip Person" Lips

I have a confession. I am not a lip person. I am happy with my Burt's Bees Lip Balm every day of the week. However, I am aware that lips really make the woman. Perfect hair and makeup without lips? Not complete. So, here are my top picks for "I'm Not a Lip Person" Lips!...more