On Parent & Childfree Regrets

As the childfree know, parents are often convinced that we will eventually regret our decision not to have kids. In talking to thousands of childfree in the last 10+ years, I can say that not one person has spoken of regret. Some ponder what it might have been like to be a mother/father, but not to where they wish they'd made another choice....more

Lisa Belkin's New York Times "Mom Blog Jinx"

I know Lisa Belkin -- we've chatted and emailed, I've spoken on a panel with her -- and I think she's smart. I appreciate her avid participation in the parenting blogosphere. Which is why it was with honest incredulity that I read this piece. ...more

What you said, Julie. And Rita. The whole comment, but especially this:

when you ...more

Are You A Stressed Out Mom?

Lisa Belkin, of the New York Times, poses the question “What is your compromise?” in a Momversation video that she featured in her ...more

 I have a very busy schedule balancing work, kids, household and freelance work.

What  ...more

Parenting, sacrifices, and your work

I was moved to respond when I read Jory’s post questioning if there is ever a right time to have a kid if you’re serious about your career. I recently had a baby. Jory, you write that you fear “the underlying sacrifice that has, time and again, come with the responsibility of children.” I thought I would share with you some sage advice- not my own. ...more

Thanks, Morra, for your generous acknowledgement.  I'm impressed with the ...more

Guide to 50/50 Parenting Gives this Childless Woman Something to Ponder

A college friend who just had his second child recently gave me some good advice on the "kid question". You know, the one that comes up, typically, after two years of marriage or less, from your friends, your in-laws, your gynecologist ... He said, "There's NEVER a perfect time to have a child. If you wait for it, you will never have one. It's very much a 'leap now and find the net later' mentality. You pretty much just have to be completely mental to want kids, but it is a beautiful insanity, I assure you. Even with the straightjacket." ...more

This was a great post for me to read with less than 12 weeks until I bring my first child ...more

Giving birth can be good, ecstatic, and even orgasmic

Last week, Lisa Belkin, parenting blogger at The NY Times, wrote about the upcoming 20/20 special on the film "Orgasmic Birth." The topic apparently hit a nerve with many, many people as she quickly received more than 500 comments. Many people, as to be expected, are skeptical. Mir of Woulda Coulda Shoulda had the most humorous response I read to the idea. As soon as I ...more

I just read about this in Christiane Northrop's book "Mother-Daughter Wisdom" and at ...more

Negotiating flexibility at work: notes from the experts

I thought it would be helpful to report back on a work life balance panel I attended yesterday for all of you out there who might be considering requesting a flexible work arrangement in the New Year. Or, perhaps there are those of you who, like me, were content before to work part time or as consultants but who are now thinking, “crap, I really wish I had a full time real job.” However, it’s a challenge to give up the flexibility that comes with working on your own schedule.  Perhaps, in this tight new economy, you don’t have to. Would you negotiate on other ...more

Morra - Thanks so much for posting your ...more

Podcast: Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Belkin talk about women, careers and parenting

I've read Lisa Belkin's pieces for The New York Times for years, and Friday I had a chance to speak with her about how couples are finding innovative ways of managing their careers and households, how she got on the "Balance Beat", what was really the intention behind her now-famous article, "The Opt-Out Revolution," and her take on the question, will CEOs ever get flextime? ...more


Is "sharing the work" between parents for suckers?

This weekend I perused Lisa Belkin's NYT Magazine Cover Story, "When Mom and Dad Share it All," a piece that explores the ways that couples are devising work and childcare beyond the traditional gender-delineated lines. ...more

As I see it, here's the problem with all women and especially moms. We all suffer from ...more