Autism and Acceptance: Lisa Genova on Her Book, "Love Anthony"

I have low expectations for novels about autism, as the autistic characters in popular books like Rules, House Rules, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time are portrayed so negatively -- as inscrutable, unpredictable, unreasonable tyrants around whom fractured, exhausted, resentful families revolve. Those stories do no show my reality -- I adore my autistic son, and our family life is generally happy....more
Thank you for this fascinating interview of Lisa Genova.  I am the parent of a 21 year old son ...more

Whatcha reading?

Books, books, books! I’ve been reading one right after the other lately -- jumping from one genre to the next. My goal seems to be keep the mind busy while I figure out my path in life. I’ve gone from Little Bee by Chris Cleave to Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. If you are a reader you’ll know I challenged my brain with the moral dilemmas of a Nigerian beach stand off to the 16th century tragedy of the Plague....more

Ten Questions for Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova is the author of the novel Still Alice. She is working on her next novel, Left Neglected, which is coming from Simon and Schuster in 2011....more