Enlightened Boundary Setting

As I’m sitting here thinking about how to write a post about boundary setting, I am pausing a little because I know about three quarters of my current and past clients will think I’m writing about them.  Why?  Because boundary setting is a skill very few people have mastered.  A lot of people struggle with it.  The problems is, you teach people how to treat you and when you are boundary-less or have weak boundaries, you will end up training people to treat you poorly.  You get what you’re willing to settle for....more

The Cost of the Blame Game

Personal power is finite, it’s precious, and it is the single most important ingredient to your happiness.  It is a currency and you only get so much to spend....more

The Greatest Social Experiment of Our Time

Here’s a fact.  There is a multi-billion dollar industry that operates solely on making you believe one thing.  That one thing is so pervasive, that although we know it’s a lie, most of us buy into it both literally and figuratively.That lie is this-You are so ugly you shouldn’t be seen without a vale....more

Pattern of Being Unhappy in Relationship?

A lot of clients come to me because no matter what they do they still find themselves unhappy in relationship.  They put a lot of energy in to trying to make things better by working things or attracting different kinds of partners, but in the end, it always feels the same.  Disappointing....more

What Does Self Care Mean to You?

When you hear the words self care, what do you think?  A lot of women think it’s a nice concept or platitude.  A lot of women think it self care somehow is self indulgent.  Some women think they are doing pretty good at self care and think that’s going to have to be good enough, because they have too many other things to do....more

Everything Changed and I Feel Trapped

Dear Lisa,Six months ago my husband was in a terrible car accident and was seriously injured.  He spent three months in the hospital and has been in a rehab facility ever since.  His Doctor says it could be another eight weeks before he comes home and even when that happens he will need nursing care....more

The Power of Self Talk

Stop Waiting

Food is not a problem, but it’s not a drug.Men are not the enemy, but they are not the answer.Addictions destroy, but drugs and alcohol have no innate power.Time is a reality, but not in the way you might think.Where there is a villain there is a victim and if you don’t want to be a victim you have to stop making other people responsible or wrong.At the end of the day, the only thing you can’t walk away from is yourself....more