(UPDATED) Lisa Murkowski: From Establishment to Outsider in the Alaska Race

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has no business being an outsider, write-in candidate fighting to be re-elected....more

BlogHer's 2010 Election Watch List: Races and Issues

Following all of our political coverage up to Election Day, the BlogHer political team has put together a watch list of races featuring women candidates and unique initiatives in a variety of states. We'll be covering each of the races on the Watch List all day Tuesday as results come in, and Wednesday as we get final poll numbers and write-ups from community bloggers. ...more

I'll second that! I believe conservatives want to show that women are dumb, belong back home and ...more

Election 2010: Senate Races We're Watching

From our BlogHer 2010 Election Watch List, you'll see we've been watching several tight races for U.S. Senate involving women candidates, including California, where we have two impressive women candidates running opposite each other. This post will include updates on some of the hottest Senate races that we're watching as results come in on Election Day. ...more

Old Spice Parodies Get Political With "Hello Voters"

Grover on Sesame Street -- "I'm on a cow." The "Will It Blend?" guys -- "I'm in a lab coat." And now Joe Miller of Alaska hops on the Old Spice boat. Is he worthy of being the man your man could vote like? ...more

Murkowski Mission Impossible: Write-in Campaign in Alaska

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski went through a tough primary this year, only to be ousted in her re-election run for the Republican nomination by tea party backed Joe Miller. Rather than packing her bags in Washington, she listened to her constituents' calls for her to stay in the race - whatever way possible. But at this point, she can't run as an Independent like Joe Lieberman did. The only option remaining to her: a write-in campaign. ...more

I was raised in Alaska in a Very Republican household that was very active in the state ...more

Beyond the Palin

There's a low rumble coming from the belly of the Republican party. The promoted stereotype of conservative women is that they only come in one model. Were I to write an advertisement the commonly regarded cliche, it would read something like this: ...more

This is a great list of women to watch in the GOP. Conservatism is neither dead nor ...more