Tell Us: How Has Social Media Changed Your Life?

Social media has literally changed my life to the point where it's unrecognizable at times from the life I led before I started blogging.  I still remember that first night, lying on the sofa while my husband set up my blog for me (I was technophobic and didn't think I could figure out Blogger).  I had no clue where I would end up just a few years later.  Forget career changes and published books; I had no inkling the amazing people I would meet along the way.  People I would have never met if not for connecting in cyberspace simply because our physical worlds were too far apart. ...more
JuliaRosien Was thinking about you today! I know you're busy so sending a quick {hug} to you :)more

A Woman In Social Media Who Stands For All Women

I think every once in a while, all women should step out and do something they think they might get in trouble for, and that's what I'm going to do right now....more
Wow, hi everyone, Stacy, you know me so well -- I think the first words out of my mouth ...more

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina Culinary star power and community power all rolled into one.  The IACP convention was a hit! Next year in NYC!...more

She vs. Her: Should You Check Email Over the Holidays?

Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: BlogHer cofounders Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone on whether to check email over the holidays. ...more

I can't remember the last time that I had a job that didn't require me to work on vacation. ...more

Letters to Your Younger Self: A Talk With Ellyn Spragins, Lisa Stone ... And You

BlogHer's Letter to My Body project, launched by Suzanne Reisman in 2008, drove home to me how much we women have to offer in terms of advice, even when we don't listen to it ourselves at the time. I'm fascinated by the idea of talking to my younger self, because boy, was she confused. ...more

I am inspired to give this exercise a try!

Joanne Tombrakos is a writer, personal ...more

Turning Online Friends into Real Life BFFs

The Bloggess Jenny Lawson, Owning PInk's Lissa Rankin, and BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins...more

BlogHer Business Day Two: Morning Keynote

    Is online technology starting to make women in traditional age band demographics look more alike than unalike? Are assumptions about interest interest and aptitude obsolete? One key thing women in all age demos have in common: They don't want to be patronized. Are marketers falling into that trap? BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone moderates this discussion with a trio of experts on women online: ...more

To whom much is given, much is expected. Dear Queen of Spain, I Still Don't Get It...

Original Post commenting on the HuffPost By Erin - Queen of Spain ( ...more

Grace, I am not bowing out. I need a few days off. I will love to visit and re-visit this. ...more